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Home Alone and how the McCalister's are the worst parents ever

Home Alone, the quintessential Christmas movie that never grows old.  Christmas Vacation and Home Alone are always battling against each other for more air time in our household starting on Thanksgiving. (Lets be honest. Thanksgiving is only to say Thanks that Christmas season has started!

As I am now in my 40s, God that's hard to say, and have a family of my own, I see Home Alone quite differently as I recall as a youth.  For one, Kevin McCalister's Mom and Dad are assholes. Like big smelly ones. They officially win the Worst Parent Award. They should be drinking out of World's Worst Mom/Dad coffee mugs with poopy faces and smug smiles. 

As an adult, I see Kevin as a bratty little kid who just wants to be loved. His parents are clearly not focused on him at all and only care about themselves. I mean who sits in first class eating caviar and stealing REAL silverware while 12 other kids are by themselves in random seats with random strangers on an 8hr flight from Chicago to P…