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Santa Baby #MenToo

About a month or so ago, I was going to write a blog on Baby Its Cold Outside and how im suprised that the #MeToo movement did not yet ban that song from existence. But then something magical happened and it wasn't our Elf on the Shelf, George, with the I'm-gonna-slash-your-throat-in-your-sleep grin magically appearing in new locations and sending messages to Santa Claus. Nor was it our Alexa listenening in on our every thought and sending it back to the Amazon Gods. No. No. A report came in that a radio stationed banned the song because it was an "ode to rape".  Rape. Thats harsh. Although the song does play like a Bill Cosby himself episode, it does have a nice melody and tune. I mean doesn't that count for something anymore?!  I mean who listens to lyrics anways, right Kanye West ?

So now that the Baby Its Cold banning begins, I wanted to flip the script on another ever-so-loving classic: Santa Baby -- A true example of how men are expected to buy women expensive gifts for Christmas. #MenToo

Seriously, Eartha Kits in her sexy suelt voice singing about wanting yachts and Tiffany and a 54 convertible because she's been an "awful good girl" and in exchange will basically fuck Santa Claus.  

Come on! Its all there. Trim my Christmas Tree. Fill my stockings.  We are on to you Eartha! Whether you beleive in Santa or not -- if you do then please stop reading this. You are too young or have mental problems -- its basically a song about sleeping with a man for his possessions. This is a clear example of  a #MenToo moment.

Its clear the Baby Its Cold dude is just trying to get laid. Hes lonely and wants some company. It is really cold outside and knee deep in snow. Where is a women to go in this weather!  If the dude played his cards right, he could've totally banged the very easy Eartha Kitts. However, that would have evidentally been a really really expensive lay!

So next time you hear the song Santa Baby, see commericals where the lucky wife gets a $45,000 necklace or a brand new Lexus with a big bow on it for Christmas, or here the whispers of other wives telling your soon to be Mrs that "your man needs to buy you a ring that is 10% of his salary", think #MenToo!!  

Merry Christmas


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