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Total Eclipse of the Mind

It starts with a slight shade in the sky.  The animals will start to make their way into nocturnal journey thinking that dusk is coming.   Humans will have most likely found a spot they've staked out and put on their paper dark glasses to stare at the sky.  Birds will stop chirping.  Cows will stop mooing.  Bats and owls will awake.  Phones will be streaming tons of live vids to social media.  

As the moon appears to swallow the sun, humans will be smiling, staring, with little knowledge of what is happening behind it all.  Just as the moon completely covers the sun, it happens.  Unbeknownst to the 50's style 3d-glass wearers, tiny microbes in the lenses are activated by the one-time only ultra radiation being delivered from the sky's phenomenon, causing brain patterns of the lucky wearers to go astray. 

It starts in Charleston, SC first.  A woman smiling, starting at the sky, suddenly her face goes blank. She looks over to her left and attacks the man, who is too staring at the sky with his phone in his hand smiling.  Like a rabid dog, she pulls his face apart and starts to eat him.  Screams can be heard around, but then broken by snarls of what appears to be other goggle wearing face eating attackers making their way through the crowd. 

Within minutes, reports start hitting the news and social media. Scary as S videos start surfacing of glass-wearing mongoloids eating the flesh of humans attacking anything and anyone in their path.  They seem to be strong as anything on this Earth and unstoppable. 

An hour later, complete panic and chaos hits the US.  Riots and traffic is everywhere.  People rushing to their loved ones for shelter and help.  The "flesh eaters" as they have now been named, are scattered about killing anything in their path.  

Then it happens.  One of the first victims in Charleston starts to flinch.  He has been dead for over an hour now and here he is appearing to be moving.  His ripped open face slowly begins to heal.  His body begins to slowly transform back as the joints were ripped apart by the attacker.  Agent 0 as she was called.  Slowly but surly this man begins to stand, looking around at his surroundings.  Then he sees it.  A target.  2 towns away.  At full speed -- faster than a Cheetah -- he runs 10 miles to the next city to feast on a small boy and his Mommy.  The dead has risen. 

News of what is happening in the US hits the world.  Europeans begin hearing rumors of a "zombie apocalypse" happening in the states. The news reports fill the airwaves with whatever it can - real or fake - about a killing spree being done by those wearing special eclipse glasses and, the unimaginable, those victims turning into zombie killing machines. 

As the world awaits what is next, something happens.  Nightfall hits the US.  The sky is dark.  It gets quiet.  The attackers suddenly stop and begin to "come to".  Confused people -- some still wearing the eclipse glasses -- walk aimlessly around looking for answers as they are covered in blood.  The 'dead' that were walking are now laying back on the ground appearing 'dead' again.  What the hell happened?

Millions of people are stranded, fearing each other in the US.  This starts to cause riots as fear arises.  The government had already seized the major cities to protect it.  Washington had already been evacuated.  The rest of the US population waits for answers as they fight off anything they feel suspicious. 

As dawn approaches, something incredible happens. The dead begin to rise again. The "flesh eaters" begin to turn back from a confused state to killing machines.  Within minutes, the US is a breeding ground for disaster as the attackers begin to look for breakfast. 

It doesn't take long for a military response. In fear of infecting major cities, missle attacks start in some of the less populated areas. Innocent people are killed.  The flesh eaters and zombies are not. They seem to be resilient and cannot die. WTF is going on?

Word hits the streets in foreign countries.  Soon all US tourists are held at holding stations.  Soon they are slaughtered in fear of getting "infected". The world loses their mind.  Within hours small wars break out between countries. Not long a full world war takes shape. It is then that it is decided to scorch the sky to stop whatever is triggering the madness from the infected and dead.  It does not work. 

Not sure who fired first, but nuclear warheads hit the US.  Many.  Million of lives are taken in an instant.  The infected continue to walk on through the ash and rubble. The sky is dark but still omitting whatever is needed to continue the madness.  The US attacks other neighboring countries in retaliation.  2 days later the world is one giant circle of smoke and rubble. 

And just like that the world is over.. 

Hundreds of miles, in a desolated cave under the Pacific Ocean, unknown to the world, lies a small entryway to a GIANT fortress.  Inside is a sealed pressurized world that includes mounds and mounds of gold as far as the eye can see.  And on top of all this gold is thousands of beautifully clad women all doing what their told to the almighty leaders that stand before them. 

4 people sit on top of the largest of the many mounds of gold, each holding a small stick with a button on it.  Behind them is a giant screen of the world with radars of projectiles in real time. Each person pushing a button and laughing uncontrollably as a new projectile hits another foreign land.  A giant diagram of images of the sun, moon and chemical and mathematical equations sit in front of them.  A giant stock of "approved solar glasses" sits on the side with a giant lab behind it in the distance.  

Donald Trump, Vladmir Putin, Kim Jong Un and Hillary Clinton sit on top of this giant gold mound and laugh.  They have just taken over the world -- literally -- and cannot be more happy, something they have been planning for many years.  Now the time has finally come. "We did it!!. The World is Ours!!"

Think about it all this when you put on those glasses on Monday.  God Speed.



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