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65 Facts About the Legend Al Bart

Today is Solstice.  Its the longest day of the year.  Its also the day that the Universe decided to create the Legend Al Bart to bring uniform and structure to its elaborate and complicated framework known as life.  Papa Universe and Al Bart created God and the rest is history. 

In honor of his, allegedly, "65th" birthday (There is no number that exists to give a true age of Al Bart), these are 65 so-called true accounts of this Legendary creature known to many as Al Bart, but Father to me. 
And on the first day Al Bart created GodAl Bart can make fire by rubbing ice cubes together Al Bart does not sleep. He waitsOne time Al Bart built a snowman. Today this is known as Antarctica.Al Bart counted to infinity - twice Al Bart is the reason why Waldo is hiding Al Bart and Superman had a fight as a bet. The loser would have to wear his underwear outside his pants. Al Bart does not get frostbite. He bites frost. Al Bart's shadow is scared of himWhen Al Bart jumps in a pool, he …