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No Alexa!

You are sitting with your significant other watching TV.  The kids are asleep and this is your alone time with the spouse to rebuild that loving relationship you once had by doing something that every couple should do: watch TV.  So there you are watching your favorite TV show; whether it be Homeland, The Bachelor, or This is Us, and then it happens.  Just as This is Us drops another tear jerking moment making it the most depressing show in the history of television, you hear a voice telling you that there is no special order placed for Avocadoes in your shopping cart.  Startled, and wiping tears, you look at your significant other and immediately move both sets of eyes to the table to the far right of the room where Amazon Echo Dot sits quietly.  You shout "NO ALEXA", sigh and then rewind a few seconds back in your show to what you missed.  10 minutes later it happens again. This time during a silence break in the show due to another tear wrenching moment that happens to th…