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Thank you 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, I sit back and think how much this year made an impact on my life.  Most people have already shunned this year off after the death of Prince and other famous celebrities, but for me it was more of an inviting year and one to put my life into perspective.

In August I had shoulder surgery due to a stupid attempt at Brazilian jiu jitsu.  It sounded cool at the time so i gave it a try.  6 classes in and I am in the hospital.  Stupid me.  Prior to this i was probably in the best shape of my life competing in races, power lifting, male modeling (kidding).  The fact is I was killing it with my personal goals. Work, however was a different story.  I was very stressed with work and as a way to combat stress i would workout which would make me feel happy -- sorta like a drug.  And as a result my family would never see me.  And this is the problem.

This surgery opened up a whole new realization that none of the shit you lift over your head, the hill you are trying to climb while holding steadily a bucket of rocks, the super low barbed wire you are shimmying underneath trying not to get cut, none of this shit matters.  At the end of the day, who gives a shit if you took 35th out of 5000 people in a goofy cultish race.  I am not making money off any of it.  Who gives a shit if I benched 250 for 2 reps. I am 38.. how does this matter!?   And so I started to realize that this was the time to start helping more around the house, start being a better husband and doing what I can to take the load of my wife who literally does EVERYTHING and never ever complains.  Time to stop caring about myself and looking at my family first.  And so that was the perspective that 2016 gave me.  Not only did the surgery help repair my broken shoulder, but also it helped repair my broken self.

Through this great experience I still see my children as 2 beautifully and wonderfully annoying little girls but yet i embrace it and i appreciate it because this is life and this is the shit you are supposed to care about!  And as for work, well I work for an awesome company that allows me to work from home a few days a week.  This certainly takes some stress off me as I am not sitting in traffic and certainly not rushing home to the gym.  Instead I am home when the kids come home from school and already have dinner prepared for them.  This is more important and surprisingly way less stressful.  And as for the gym, I go when around my family schedule and not the other way around. 

Besides enjoying family time, this surgery also allowed me to open my creative doors and get me out of my writing block that I have been in for most of the year, allowing me to open up a whole new writing world for me. I love nothing more than to write about the shit that goes on in my life and try to make it upbeat and funny.  Some of it works, most doesn't.  There is nothing better than to go back and read our life in perspective.  Its pretty awesome and yet i know that someday some mean girl is going to torment Ava because of a blog i wrote.  God i hope not.

So I end 2016 with this:  Shit happens for a reason. Through the bad we see good.  Let's rebuild and make 2017 the best year everrrrrr. 

PS -- this was the least non funny blog i have ever written and promise I will never ever write like this again.



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