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My Magical Experience at the Nail Salon

First off Men, there is a secret life our ladies are leading and it all starts with 2 simple words we have heard millions of times in our lives and yet know NOTHING about:  Nail Salon.   Yesterday was my 9 year wedding anniversary and so I, as the good husband I am, opted to join my wife for a "couple" manicure and pedicure at the said "Nail Salon" with little to no expectation  -- and the result was.... MAGICAL!

I now understand why my wife goes on a sabbatical when getting her nails "done".  I assumed this process was simple and basic and so when she would come home an hour and half later, fully relaxed and with a smile, it made me wonder if the "Nail Salon" is really another word for Magic Mike's Playpen.  Now I totally get it.  

Where to begin.. 

Tales from Physical Therapy - The Scream

There was a scream; a loud yell sorta scream that one does when they are getting stabbed.  This was followed by a few smaller yells and then silence.  I got ready to jump to the ground in attack mode assuming these were the sounds of a loose killer; getting ready to throw an elderly over my good shoulder and start saving lives!  

No.  These were the sounds I heard walking into my first physical therapy session for my injured shoulder. What was I walking into?

I looked at my therapist -- she at me-- "is this normal" I asked, hoping she would say no.  

She replies "Oh that?  Oh that's nothing" with enough sarcasm to put up a fight with the question mark. The question mark got its crooked ass kicked.  

I replied "Oh".  She just laughed.  Still wondering what that meant.