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RIP Charles

It gives me with great sadness and remorse to report the loss of my very close friend Charles -- aka Charles the sling.  He will always be near and dear to my heart.  On October 11, after 6 short weeks -- which felt like an eternity -- God aka Dr Silver has decided it's time for me to say goodbye to Charles. 

Words cant express this feeling.  We have been through so much.  From weekend picnics in the parks, to late night dinners with the wife.  We have experienced pony rides together, and finger painting.  We have seen movies together - Kubo and the Two Strings (phenomenal) and The Secret Life of Pets (cute) - and enjoyed buttery and greasy popcorn.  

We have seen the birth of new babies and seen the death of loved ones.  We danced like crazy animals together recently at a wedding; and got very drunk in the process.  I even let Charles in on what goes on between closed doors with the Mrs.  I am sure he was very pleased.  

We have written blogs together and laughed about life.  Somehow we have managed to cook dinner for the wife and family on many occasions; even made the bed -- once.  

Charles has seen firsthand the complexities of a 2yr old crying over life's major difficulties like not being able to drink out of the cup she wants, or not being able to have a treat because she did not finish her dinner.  And he has helped me attempt to carry the crying child to her room during these difficulties.   

Charles was a part of our children's first day of school -- something that can never be undone.  We even attempted hiking together with the family and watched as my youngest daughter had to pee and went behind a tree (maybe my wife too).

And even through the thick and thin, somehow together we got major milestones at work completed and accomplished by having a successful go-live on one of my projects.  (perhaps he should get a 3 on his PDR this year). 

We watched the entire season 4 of House of Cards and the entire first season of Mr Robot together -- both PHENOMENAL.  We played Spades on my iPhone and even won a poker night at a friends house. 

Like our relationship, we learned magic together making dollar bills disappear in front of my wife's eyes to magically appear in an orange.  Forever i will be known as Slingo the Magician -- a name you helped me come up with.  

You have seen me at my worst and seen more of me than 99.9% of the population has.  God rest your soul -- and your eyes.

After my shoulder injury, life moved on; and Charles was with me every step of the way.  Even though it was for only 6 weeks, i feel like i have known him my whole life.

You will be forever missed.

A tribute to Charles with one of the greatest songs.  Ever.



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