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At the Playground. Ya knowww

The playground:  a place where parents walk around with their phones in hand resembling something from the Walking Dead as their child is either a) beating up another small child b) about to climb up the "fun" spider looking thingy that is clearly for kids over the age of 8 and yours is 3 c) dangling from a monkey bar that somehow they got the courage to get on but now is about to fall which is the equivalent to 3 stories to the small child or d) bloodied on the ground and crying. 

And as the parents think its "quiet" time as they relax on the bench -  that is setup to overlook their children playing instead of sitting their looking at their Facebook feeds - the child is ready to go down that slide that has been sitting in the hot hot sun since it busted up from the ground 7 hours ago.  That scorching hot plastic is about to burn the shit out of your child's legs but Jose - the dude you went to high school with 15 years ago and have not seen him since - just che…