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Ava Strapped Herself in her CarSeat

The other day my almost 4 year old, Ava,strapped herself in her carseat for the first time yesterday all by herself.Not only did she do this but just prior she opened the car door to get in all by herself.Then closed the door and got in her car seat all by herself and eventually put on her seatbelt all by herself.All of this done for the first time – yes all by herself – and she could not be happier!

And while all this was happening, I was putting my 2.5 year old daughter, Ellie,in her car seat who suddenly decided she was a big girl and clicked in her top restraint of her car seat buckle – you guessed it, all by herself – and she could not be happier!

Prior to all this, Ava learned to get in and out of her “big girl” bed, put on her clothes, brush her teeth, get the bath ready and get in, goto the bathroom, get herself water and drink from a “big girl” cup with ease, and basically feed herself – all by herself – and she could not be happier.

And Ellie is now pooping on the potty – all…