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SnowStorms and Why We Buy Milk, Eggs and Bread

As Washington DC prepares to get hit with the "storm of the century" (which really means only the last 16 years) and get a whopping 2 feet of snow, NYC is preparing for their "Snowmageddon" of 2016 with 5-8 inches.  Boo.  There are parts on my body that are bigger than that (dirty minds)  And as I type this, millions are hitting the supermarkets to buy everything required to open and run a small village. 

We live in NYC metro area where there are stores everywhere in walking distance.  If Target is open on Thanksgiving then why the fuck would it not be open for 5 inches of snow.  That is in fact there is a deeper meaning to all this... 

Out of all the necessities that people seem to need during a 5-8 inch SnowStock, the one that tops the list is milk. 

Why milk?