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Breaking news: The end of the world is nigh..

It will start off with a light drizzle - that annoying mist that leaves a layer of wetness on your face as you walk into work.  By mid morning, it will get heavier leaving tiny rivers on the edges of each street retreating as it make its way to the sewers.  

Then, suddenly, it will stop.  The sun will come out.  The birds will chirp and people will start the usual chatter.  "Those fucking weathermen are full of shit" - says one person as he walks out to his car leaving work early to the pending storm that is supposed to make way.  "Best job ever" says another to his friend about how weathermen get paid to be wrong.

The drive home will be busy because everyone expected a giant storm to come as predicted and decided to leave early to avoid it. But instead, the sun is shining, the weather is perfect and the birds are chirping.  A giant rainbow appears in front of the traffic jam making it worse with its cock tease to the thousands peering out their windows to take a pea…