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Sizzler promo video from 1991: Holy Glorious Hell this is amazing!

When I was a teenager I was in love with the movie White Men Can't Jump.  Not sure why.  Maybe it was naked Rosie Perez, or the awful Momma jokes, or the way that Rosie Perez says Billy.  Whatever it was it does NOT hold up today.  Its god awful and every single basketball game they play there is nothing but traveling taking place.  Seriously.  In one scene Wesley Snipes takes like 7 steps before passing the ball to Woody Harrelson.

Why am i talking about White Men Cant Jump?  Well, because in that movie they sing the "We going Sizzler.  We going Sizzler" song after a hustle and winning money from a basketball game.  I have a clip for your viewing pleasure.  This is not the greatest video ever..but just a sample of what men do after making a basket in basketball.  The greatest video ever is to follow. Be patient. 

It was then that I had this infatuation with Sizzler.  I am not even sure what Sizzler was but the cool, funny black dude singing to the nerdy white guy was going and I totally wanted a part of it.  So, when I turned 17 and I got my license, the first place I went that night was - you guessed it - Sizzler!

Wow.  A  full buffet with everything from mozzarella sticks to unlimited ice-cream.  The choices were endless.  Plus you got a full steak meal with a baked potato and corn!  All for like 8 bucks!!!  Not even sure how the place made money.  Oh, thats right.  The food was equivalent to grammar school cafeteria mystery meat.  Gross out.

However, sometime in 1991 there was a promo video that was made and surfaced recently.  I am not sure the history of this video - was it a commercial?  did any of this ever make it to the consumers? - No idea.  What i do know is that this gem of a video is why America is the home of the brave... and the home of fat people.

This video makes me want to hug my family and donate to charity.  It makes me want to ride a carousel with my baby girls and pet a doggy.  It makes me want to wear a captain's hat, buy a boat and go fishing with my oldest daughter, smile while walking with my wife as we hold hands and laugh while our daughter is riding her big girl bike.  This video makes me want to go for a run with a close friend, knowing that hours later we are free to eat whatever we like.  It makes me want to cherish the love of my family and endure the bond we share while laughing for no apparent reason.  It makes me want to ride a unicorn while wearing a unicorn shirt.  It makes me forget that long hard task I call work and puts a smile on my face knowing that my entire family can eat enough food to feed a small village for 14 dollars.  The song is so great that it should be played at weddings.  Pitbull should make a remix of this song - its that good.  All I want to do now is sit at a harbor and watch the sunset with my wife as we digest the worst food imaginable. I want to shake my sweaty head like a dog, knowing that I have burnt enough calories for those unlimited helpings of ice cream.  I want to dance around like a school child and put a hat on my wife.  I want to look over blue prints and point in the distance of something that i am not so sure of.  I want to do it all.  All with a smile!!

Its so refreshing to know that in 1991, with both parents working and the stress that the day brings on us, we had Sizzler to feed us.  God bless America!!!!

So sit back, hug your family, smile, and enjoy the greatest video.  Ever.

Any other phenomenal videos like this? Please post


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