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Sizzler promo video from 1991: Holy Glorious Hell this is amazing!

When I was a teenager I was in love with the movie White Men Can't Jump.  Not sure why.  Maybe it was naked Rosie Perez, or the awful Momma jokes, or the way that Rosie Perez says Billy.  Whatever it was it does NOT hold up today.  Its god awful and every single basketball game they play there is nothing but traveling taking place.  Seriously.  In one scene Wesley Snipes takes like 7 steps before passing the ball to Woody Harrelson.

Why am i talking about White Men Cant Jump?  Well, because in that movie they sing the "We going Sizzler.  We going Sizzler" song after a hustle and winning money from a basketball game.  I have a clip for your viewing pleasure.  This is not the greatest video ever..but just a sample of what men do after making a basket in basketball.  The greatest video ever is to follow. Be patient. 

True Detective: What the f$&k is going on!

A year ago we were swept away in what was one of the most original and bizarre, yet entrancing and addicting show since Lost.  That show was True Detective.   Matthew was so good, that I am starting to think (especially watching his car commercials) that he was not acting and this is just his normal self.  Regardless,  it worked and it was AWESOME!
This year, we have a whole new cast and a whole new story.  Definitely not the Carcosa we remember from last year. 

I don't even know where to begin.  Actually I do.  This picture is where i start:

Why?  Because its in every fucking shot!  Seriously, there should be a drinking game whenever you see an overhead shot of Los Angeles or wherever the hell they are!  And so I will continue to flash this picture throughout this blog to annoy you even more - like the show.