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The Great Usher Debate

There has been a lot of talk in the Bart household due to the following lyrics to Usher's song I Dont Mind:

Shawty, I don't mind if you dance on a pole
That don't make you a hoe

Let me first state the obvious of what is wrong with this statement:  

For the record, "pole" and "hoe" don't rhyme.. like ever.  Even if you say "if you dance on a poe, that don't make you a hoe", as Usher sings it,   now the meaning changes to some weird Edgar Allen Poe fantasy fetish like the dreadful TV show "The Following".  Weirdarama.

What Usher is stating is the obvious:  that he  does not mind if his friend of the opposite sex inclines to exercise or dance around a vertical pole.  By doing this, it simply, by no means, makes her a bad girl or one that would go home and sleep with different men. 

My wife, however, tends to differ.  She is judging this poor girl by stating that she is a stripper who is a druggy slut.  Immediately my wife has put this poor girl in a category, without knowing her full story or why she is doing it.

Perhaps my wife is jealous. Jealous that this woman makes dam good money, probably more than the both of us combined. Or that she is also very very athletic and can probably do strange pole tricks that we did not even know was possible. Jealous that this woman can twerk like its nobody's business and get paid for it. 

I could not disagree more.  This is judging.  All men know that strippers are simply doing what they do to pay for their school.  They do not do drugs and they are not sluts.  They are simply trying to pay their bills and feed their children because the man in their life ran off with some other woman.  Duh. 

But perhaps Usher does not really mean strippers.  Maybe he means a firefighter woman.  They sorta dance on poles.  

Or maybe a pole dance class instructor.  Somehow it became cool for women to take pole dancing classes.  Ya know the same women that judged this poor, single mother, trying to get her kids a good education, as a slut who strips and dances and has sex with random men for money.  Maybe she is simply working at the YMCA at night and is teaching these type of classes. 

Or maybe she is a gymnast trying to become the next Olympic champion.  They work hella long hours to get to the top of the sports chain.  They too work with poles and swing and do all cool stuff on them. Maybe Usher is talking about this. 

Or, the obvious, a female Cirque Du Soleil performer.  I mean have you seen these women.  Its truly amazing.  They must work or practice until 3 and then come home to their man; in this case Usher. 

My point is, my wife should not simply judge this poor women because she "dances on poles".  There are lots of women who do this in many different professions and they are not considered dirty ass sluts fucking their way to the top.  Shame on you Rosie Bart.  Shame on you.  

Let me state for the record:  My entire goal in life is TO NOT HAVE MY DAUGHTERS EVER DANCE ON POLES.  Sorry firefighters, gymnast and pole dancers.  Just ain't gonna happen. 


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