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The Beard

My funny little take on the history of the beard..  Enjoy

The beard was invented in 656 BC by a Babylonian by the name of Ashurbanipal, or Ash for short.  Ash's half brother was no other than the King of Babylon, King Shamash-shum-ukin, or simply Sham.  

Sham and Ash didn't see eye to eye.  In fact, they hated one another.  For one, the King had everything and Ash had nothing; nothing except good looks, a charming smile and the ability to grow a beard.  Yes.  A beard.  

13 observations on the Sons of Anarchy

My wife and I, during an intense marathon while the kids were asleep, leaving us both tired and miserable as we went to bed late and the kids woke up early, finally have finished the Sons of Anarchy.  The idea of gun toting, bad dressing hooligans riding make-believe Harleys made me very much into the show.  My wife, as I've learned afterwards, really just wanted to see Jaxon.  So despite all the stereotypes about bikers, I now am in complete belief that the dudes that hang out in the Rutt's Hutt parking lot next to where I live are completely into drug dealing, gun distributing, gang banging, whore loving, bad dressing, trans gender loving, tattoo wearing, not showering activities.  These are just some of the things that I have learned during my approximate 92.5 hours of watching something that was going so good go to something so bad - thanks to Jaxon and his Mommy.

Here are some observations I have on the show:

WARNING:  there are major spoilers.  Why would you even get this …