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2014 Annual Thankful List - 10 amazing sh*t im thankful for

The time has come for me to blog about the shit I'm thankful for while sipping a glass of wine in hopes that it will act as a form of digestion aid to fix the 10,000+ calorie food-eating-binge session I did earlier.  And as I'm typing this I am realizing that it is not working. I am not thankful for this.

But what I am thankful for this year is the wonderful things that my ever-so-loving-and-amazing wife Rose does for us.  Without her I would be on the streets doing card tricks or trying stand up at South Street Seaport or trying to rap over my guitar while sitting outside a store collecting money.   Not that there is anything wrong with these.  I just don't want to do any of those things.  Ever.

This year was a good one and I'm thankful for the usual:  baby wipes, extra strength diapers, mini toilet seats, naked Barbie dolls, Frozen and that fucking song, the new fascination with Disney that my 2.5 yr old has found and the loathing I have for what's to come,  the …

47 Shades of Ava

I look at my youngest daughter Ellie, who is now 1, and smile thinking that maybe this one will turn out ok.  This is in reference to my older daughter, Ava, who is now 2.5.   For the record, I never thought I would refer to my children as 1/2 ages like 2 and a half but its important because its like a light switch went off when she turned 2 and a half and become, well,  fucking nuts!

As her mind is maturing and my greys are getting more noticeable, we deal with 47 shades of Ava. You never know which one you are going to get and they change drastically throughout the day.

A year of Ellie: A Princess Story

I have another daughter.  Yes.  A beautiful little girl that smiles and giggles and is little and petite. Her name is Ellie.  Ellie Danielle.  Danielle for me, Daniel, but the feminine version.  Its what I was called all my life by boys who teased me and what people who speak Spanish call me now:  Danielle.  Whatever.  It was only fitting that our second daughter would have my name instead of Rose's name as her middle name.  Truth be told, she is a clone of my wife.  And Ava is a clone of me.  Ava looks identical to me and her middle name is Rose.  So therefore you can see how my Polish roots are already playing a major role in my family and their naming.  Like I said, its only fitting that they are named this way.

But back to Ellie Danielle.  Yes.  I have another daughter.  Ava has a sister.  I have never officially blogged about Ellie.  I have of Ava.  A lot.  But never Ellie.  In fact, I have only mentioned her in 8 blogs of mine ( I counted ).  For those keeping track at home,…