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RIP Scott, the iPhone 5 -- My best friend

On September 2, 2014, at approximately 11:14PM, in Wildwood Crest NJ, I dropped Scott, my iPhone. I dont have a case because im cheap.  I have dropped it many many times before and never ever had issues ---- HOWEVER, on this 1 particular evening, after a few beers after the kids were passed out and i was playing 500 rummy with the wife while laughing and talking about memories passed, i dropped my phone flat on the main screen.  As I picked it up i noticed the glass peeling back and shattered into tiny little pieces - like my soul.   

It is now day 5 and I have lost Scott, my best friend.  I realized that during our time together we have experienced a lifetime of love and happiness.  I could not be more happy with a friend like Scott.  He was everything to me. 

When I needed to check out the weather in Iceland,  Scott was there.  When I needed to check out the latest nude pics of Scarlett Johannson, Scott was there.  When I needed to get on Netflix in a hurry, while my oldest daughter Ava was beginning to have a stage 5 temper tantrum in the middle of dinner in a 3 star restaraunt that we were able to find on Yelp, Scott was there for both.  When I needed a quick laugh to get me through my day and read certain 'not funny' people's statuses on facebook, Scott was there.  When i needed to look up very important shit like 'Should the toilet paper be in front or behind' or 'What are Barbie's measurements' or 'Is it too flashy to wear a pocket square AND a tie clip', Scott was there.  When i needed to immediately google the latest hack of nude pics that have surfaced on the internet of famous celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Cameron Diaz, Scott was there... and boy was he there for that.  

Scott was always there for me.  He was like the dog i never had.  The wife i always wanted.  The child that always made me smile.  He was my best friend and i will love him forever.  

RIP Scott, the iPhone5 

12/2012 - 8/2014


  1. Have you tried to get "Scott" checked out? Maybe the screen and/or LCD could be replaced. If you're not into upgrading to the just-announced latest model, you could try out options to resurrect Scott. Though if you're considering upgrading anyways, then it's really time to let go. Either option you choose, I hope that it's for the best!

    Bryan Barnes @ Cell Phone Repair Indianapolis


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