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23 Reasons Why Dads Rule

I've recently thought about how great we as Dads are.  So I compiled a list of some of the phenomenal things we do for our family.  I am sure each and every Father can relate to this.  Your welcome Mothers. 

23 reasons why Dads rule: 
  1. We can move heavy furniture around to get dropped toys that so conveniently fall behind hard-to-reach places
  2. We can open baby food jars that are hard to open
  3. We can reach objects in high places that are hard to get.
  4. We can carry heavy things
  5. We can remind the Mother that the baby is crying and needs to be changed, fed or is due for their nap
  6. We can keep the couch warm for the Mother while she is running around like a lunatic with the Child
  7. We can be sure to keep track of the location of important things like the TV remote
  8. We can post adorable pics of the Child on Facebook and other social media networks and be sure to tag the Mother
  9. We can test the food that the Mother makes for the family and check for flavor and temperature and save a little for the Child and Mother
  10. We can assist by bringing to the Mother diapers, baby wipes, a prayer, an old priest and a young priest for anything that comes out of the Child  that can end wars
  11. We can get the Child all hyper and winded up before Mother attempts to put the child to bed
  12. We can yell to the Mother upstairs,  while keeping the couch warm for her to return to, the score of the Yankees game while she is attempting to put the Child to bed
  13. We can scan the baby monitor for any movement and be sure to let Mother know that the Child is awake
  14. We can fix things in the house by calling someone to fix things in the house
  15. We can attempt to fix things breaking more in the process
  16. We can change the batteries on the Child's toys with a breeze
  17. We can heat up the Mother's cold dinner in the microwave that she didn't eat because she was tending to the Child during dinnertime
  18. We can remind the Mother about all the crazy shit that the Child does, needs and the stress that the Child puts Mother and Father into
  19. We can remind the Mother to update our calendars with our upcoming events
  20. We can update our computers and devices when there is shit to be updated and will be sure to keep track of all this and remind the Mother that we do this
  21. We can put on the Child's favorite movie or show with no problems
  22. We can make coffee for the Mother with the press of 2 simple buttons while the Mother has been up all night with the Child
  23. We can be sure to remind the Mother how bad Obama is doing, how fat Christie is and that Hillary has gonorrhea of the mouth
I think you get the point.  Father's are simply amazing!!!!  


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