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Ellie's First Words.. can you guess what they are??

Recently our little 5 month old Ellie has been a chatterbox.  It sorta happened out of nowhere.  I dont blog about her too much because, in all honesty, there is nothing to blog about her. She is just perfect.  The complete opposite of Ava.  Not that Ava is not perfect, of course she is but just in her own way. Besides, what would be funny about writing about how perfect Ellie is.  That would be a booo-fest of a read. 

Ellie does nothing but smile.  Nonstop. Its sickening.  In fact, as i am typing this she is smiling at me, craning her neck in my direction, while my trophy wife, Rose, is trying to get her to goto sleep for the night.  What can I say? She loves her Daddy. 

But what's to love.  Besides being bad ass and amazing at life, its safe to say that I am never really here.  Im at work all day and see her for a few hours a day :-(  

My wife, however, is home with her all day as she has started her new job as a stay-at-home mom; a job that I can NEVER do. 

A quick funny story about a Starbucks experience I had.  

Yes, another Starbucks experience but trust me i'm going somewhere with this:
One day we were coming back from the Drs office and of course we stopped at a Starbucks to replenish.  I went in to get our coffees while Rose stayed in teh car with the kids.  It was here I witnessed a Snookie-wannabe in front of me in line, talking on her phone to, i assume, a BFF, or a lover.  I dont know.  From the conversation, it was evident that she was a new mom and that her boyfriend, or husband, or lover, does NOTHING to help and she does all the work.  Sounds like the conversation of every mom i know.  One thing that stood out in this conversation was the following words she said to this person on the phone:  "You know I tell him, your job is to goto work to make money and my job is to keep our children alive"

So that has been Rose's job:  "To keep our children alive."  That's a lot of fucking pressure!!  My job is to simply make sure that our computer systems are stabilized by not writing shitty code and ensuring it is efficient.  Exactly.  Nobody cares. Snoozefest. 

Rose's "life" duties include:  waking up in the middle of the night if Ellie wakes, tending to sick children, changing shitty diapers, making the kids and me breakfast, lunch and dinner, watching another child a few days a week for a few hours for extra money, cleaning the house, dealing with Ava's temper tantrums every 10 minutes, picking up the food that Ava throws on the floor at every feeding, running after Ava when she doesn't want to listen, putting both kids in for their naps like clockwork, trying to get Ellie to crawl who still could barely roll over, teach Ava the more important things in life like: first its the Today Show, then Kelly and Michael and then Kathy and Hoda, teaching Ava her ABCs, 123s, "birds and the bees", how to say our last name, mannerisms, and anything else in between.  And of course the most important: making me dinner every night and still being a phenomenal loving wife - you know what i mean wink wink.  

So I have been very very lucky to meet such a wonderful person.  I could NEVER EVER EVER EVER do this.  The other night Rose went out and I was home with the kids.  I was running all around the house like a crazy man trying to get things under control.  Its NOT an easy job.  I swear that I lose 5 years of my life every time Rose leaves.  But, its an amazing experience and I love it!*  (* This is something i have to say.  Just kidding.. sorta)

So after all this, you would think that this amazing mom would have our daughter, who she is with everyday, say Momma as her first words.. 

Think again

My wife is so amazing at life that she even encouraged our daughter to say her knight-in-shining armor, Daddy, as her first words.  

Love this life.  

And so does she! 

Disclaimer - this blog is not intended for gaining "bonus" points in anyway, shape or form.


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Thats sooo adorable. Great read .. LOVE that wife!!


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