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Ellie's First Words.. can you guess what they are??

Recently our little 5 month old Ellie has been a chatterbox.  It sorta happened out of nowhere.  I dont blog about her too much because, in all honesty, there is nothing to blog about her. She is just perfect.  The complete opposite of Ava.  Not that Ava is not perfect, of course she is but just in her own way. Besides, what would be funny about writing about how perfect Ellie is.  That would be a booo-fest of a read. 

Ellie does nothing but smile.  Nonstop. Its sickening.  In fact, as i am typing this she is smiling at me, craning her neck in my direction, while my trophy wife, Rose, is trying to get her to goto sleep for the night.  What can I say? She loves her Daddy. 

Our Disney TV Show Concert Experience

Today I got the pleasure of taking my almost 2 year old to see Jake and the Pirates and Sofia the First "live" in concert.  I put a quotation around live because its not like the cartoon is really alive.  Instead its just real people lip syncing and dancing in front of a cartoon screen. Boooo.

It was actually quite epic.  NOTTT (in Borat voice) 

We have done this one other time and that was epic..