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8 movie/tv moments that make real men cry

Some men cry at the birth of their first child, the reading of their wedding vows, news that their in-laws are staying over for the weekend, that Obama won re-election, or when the TV breaks.  But here is a real list that gets me every time..

The NeverEnding Story - The death of Artax, Atreyu's horse

Holy Shit!  Halfway between pure awesomness comes one of the most saddest memories of mine. I was 8 years old.  It was a Saturday.  I had woken at the crack of dawn and slipped out of my bed into the living room to watch TV.  I put on HBO to find that The Neverending Story was just starting.  I sat and watched an EPIC movie about talking rocks, scary werewolves, a giant talking dragon dog and something called the Nothing - that still makes no sense to me.  Somewhere in the middle of the movie comes something that would equate to taking 30 puppy dogs from me after playing with them for 3 hours and slaughering them in front of me.  Yes.  That bad.  And so I watched as the amazing Atreyu tries to save his legendary horse from a muddy swamp.  Unfortunately, the swamp wins.  FUCCKK is this sad!! This is a children's movie for shits sake!

The first 5 minutes of the movie Up

The first few minutes of Up is beautiful.  Quick scenes are shown of Carl and Ellie of how they meet and everything in between.  It ends with Carl in a church holding what's left of his lost wife - The Adventure Book.  There are no words spoken.  Just images of their lives playing out before us in fast forward as they grow old together.  The opening is beautiful yet probably one of the saddest pieces of film I have seen in a long time.   Maybe because my wife and I are the real life version of Ellie and Carl.  We saw this movie in the theatres with my nephew who was 9 at the time.  It was in 3D which meant that nobody can see my tears; including my wife.  I actually just cried again watching it.  Luckily nobody is here to see my tears except my 4 month old daughter Ellie - nice name right ;-)

Major League - The Indians Win It!

The Cleveland Indians were a nobody team expecting to finish dead last in their division.  That all changed when Coach Lou Brown motivates the team to "win the whole fucking thing".  The cinderella story unfolds with a Rudy-esque ending that makes me want to cry just typing it.  With a man on first and 2 outs, the old man with bad knees, Taylor, is up at the plate.  With one of the greatest ideas to ever brace the game, the Indians win the game prompting the legendary quote:  "And the Indians win it.  The Indians win it.  Oh my God.  The Indians win it!" followed by the phenomenal score that prompts tears to any real man.

The Neverending Story song video

Its not the greatest song ever made.  But it is dam good.  Whenever I think of the movie, immediately i am singing that dam song in my mind.  Unfortunately the video is one of the worst EVER and makes me have nightmares of this character: 

If you are a fan of the movie, please dont watch this video.  It will ruin all childhood memories and make bring up some that your not willing to accept! 

How I Met Your Mother - The Robin

Quite possibly one of the greatest moments of the series.  The Robin is the ultimate play that Barney uses to propose to Robin - so cleverly named.  I cant help but almost sob everytime i watch it.  And I just did.. DANGIT

Lost - Not Penny's Boat

Maybe the saddest moment of TV history.  I cant even type about it, Im crying because I just watched it.

Lost - Desmond talks to Penny

And now a "good" cry.  After Charlie dies and some strange time traveling shit causes a paradox that is changing the balance of the universe - this is Lost people - Desmond manages to get a hold of his lady Penny in one of the best episodes of the series and maybe the most emotional I have ever seen.

Rudy Rudy Rudy

Even though the real Rudy story wasn't quite as glamorous - shit the real Rudy doesn't even get a chant - Hollywood still did a dam good job of showing how dreams can come true.  I dont know if there is a man out there who doesn't cry watching the last few minutes of this epic movie. "Who's the wild man now??"

And finally, memories of this horrible dressing style that I may have dabbled with a bit as a young tween..

I am sobbing mess now after writing this.  Cheers. 


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