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My Jury Duty Experience

I had the privilege that every American citizen gets the opportunity to serve - Jury Duty.  Unfortunately I can go to jail for discussing my experience.  Jail sucks.  I dont want to go there. So instead, I thought of telling you a wonderful story about a bunny named DJ..

Once there lived a bunny named DJ Trab.  He had a job.  Payed his taxes.  Drove a fancy car and shopped at JCrew Bunny.  He had a gal bunny in his life named RM.  She was a stay at home bunny who loved to take care of their baby bunnies that were hopping all around their wonderful burrow.

One day, after a lonnngg day at work, DJ got a notice in the mail.  One that made him wince in pain.  He can feel the 25 carrots that he had eaten from his big lunch churning inside his belly. On top of the pile of mail was 1 lonely envelope that shouted 2 words:  HOP Service. 

It is the right of every bunny to be able to hop freely wherever they feel.  The fore-bunnies that founded this bunny village worked hard to make sure that this …

Winter Storm Survival Guide

Its that crazy time of year when it suddenly gets cold and snow comes.  This is called Winter.  Somehow people forget that this happens once a year in December to March.  Sometmes we actually get colder-than-normal weather in November and even snow around Thanksgiving.  I know.  Its NUTS!  I forget this myself but I get reminders of this from the people I work with who will sit around and discuss the storm thats coming or how crazy cold it is "and it's only November".  Then I hear chatter about how if its soooo cold already in November what will it be in January!  (OMG face)  I also get reminded of this crazy phenomenon known as Winter from Facebook.  People just cant seem to get over the fact that it is cold out and that when its cold, instead of rain, we get snow.  I know.  This is absolutely fucking crazy.  I cant believe that it does this either!  

These same people also take to the streets to get their supplies.  For some reason, before a storm, the roads and stores …