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2013 - My Annual Thankful List

This year there are so many things to be thankful for.  Of course the obvious - my amazing wife and my 2 AWESOME girls.  They are my rock and I would have no material to write about without them so THANKS!!!

Then of course my parents who gave birth to an amazing, phenomenal man - ME.  Thanks guys!!

Then to the second funniest man I know (behind me) my brother Steve Bart.  I am thankful for his wonderful brews that he brings me in need and the fantastic Dogfish beers he will be bringing me in a mere 3 hours!  Woohooo.  THANKS!!

And to the 60,000 eyes that have seen my blog in the last couple years - THANKS, but now share that shit to other people. WTF!!!!

Ok.. now to the list.

The Official 'Ellie Danielle Comes Home' Video

A year and a half ago when my daughter was born i made this video. So I hhaaddd to make one for my second child.

Meet Ellie Danielle and watch her fantastic journey from the hospital and into our exciting Bart household.  Enjoy

Help spread the Bart Chronicles to every household in the nation by sharing and spreading the word.  'Tis the season.. just sayin

1,137 Steps

A few nights ago I started a new workout routine in my home:  The Walk-Around-The-Room-With-Your-Baby-At-2AM workout.  It was riveting and exciting and I can feel and see the difference already! 

So what does this workout entail?  Its simple.  

Get a baby.  The baby must be cranky and not want to sleep. Hold the baby in your armsWalk around the room Curse occasionallyCount your stepsPut the baby down (down as in "in her crib, bed, bassinet, the neighbors front porch)WaitPick baby back up after 1 minute due to crying and wanting to be heldpick a god and pray to itRepeat for 2 hoursBAM.   Its that simple. 
Soon-to-be parents are probably asking "why not just sit down".  No No.  Babies have a special sense that can tell when you have decided to sit down and rest your body after an hour of midnight pacing.  Once their brain recognizes this sense, its back to crying and your screwed for another 2 hours - but thats another blog. 

I didn't start #5 until about an hour into thi…

Party of 4 - The birth of my second child

"IT'S A GIRL!!!," said the Dr to us as he delivered my perfect little baby girl after a 36 hour intensive, blood-sweat-and-tears labor session.  The room filled of 30 plus nurses, doctors and interns gave out a huge applause as our new addition cried as she dangled from the Drs arms.  Rose and I embraced one another and kissed as our perfectly squeaky clean baby came over into our arms - a picture perfect moment.  

Unfortunately, thats not what happened.  We had a scheduled C-Section that was scheduled since like February.  It was scheduled for 7:30am and she was born at 8:05am.  Yayyyy. And we knew we were having a girl since May and there were only like 4 people in the room when she was born.  I just didn't know how else to start this blog.  ;-)