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AYDS - The reason why a bad name can kill your company. Literally.

"I used aids to lose weight"

is something you may have heard in the late 70s and early 80s.  

But the name does not imply to the horrific disease that attacks your immune system eventually killing you.  No.  This aids is actually spelled A-Y-D-S and was a very popular appetite suppressant candy in the 70s and 80s - just prior to the devastating AIDS virus. 

Today its simply an example on how the name of your company can kill you. Literally.  

Here are some of their commercials.  I hate to say it but they are pretty fucking funny given the context.  

and this

and my favorite

So get this. When the company decided that it was time to rename the company in the late 80s due to concern with the new AIDS virus, they change it to Diet AYDS.  Smart.  Of course the company went under the next year. 

An Interesting Walk With My Ava

"Don't worry.  I got change", is what I heard come from his mouth..
Where do I begin?
I had just gotten home from getting my hair did.  My side part aka side Bart aka The Bart was looking good and I was feeling good.  My wife was going out with the girls so that meant it was Ava and Danny night!  Woohooo!! Nothing worse than walking around with the shirt you got your hair did in.  It's itchy and uncomfortable.  So before our walk, I changed into my Biggie shirt, a pair of Jcrew seersucker shorts and some green flip flops.  I was looking snazzy I must say.