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The Crazy Category Scale - Why do woman want to touch, eat and bite my baby?

Have you ever walked down the street and saw a stranger walking an adorable dog.  As you approach you do that doggy voice and make that stupid face and squat down to the dog's level and attempt to talk in a language that a dog would, i suppose, understand.  Then after the dog starts licking you and loving you, you realize that the owner is just staring at you as if you are a fucking asshole.

The Breast Epidemic

Mardi Gras, Opie and Anthony's WOW promo, Woodstock concerts, topless strip clubs, mammogram checks, South Beach, Sophia Vergara - What do all these have in common?  You guessed it:


Theres a strange fad that has been taking the world by storm.  A fad that women feel enticed to bare their breasts to the public.  This phenomenon is all over the streets, in the train stations, bus stops and on the bus, at Target, Chipotles, in the car, in traffic, shit even at work.  You've seen it and you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

35 signs I'm approaching 35

As i approach the tender age of 35, I realize that Im certainly not a kid anymore; although i certainly still act like one. 

Here is a list of signs that I'm reaching my mid 30's  :-(((((

1 - A perfect night for me now is laying in bed with my wife playing candy crush while watching House Hunters instead of a night of binge drinking and/or wild crazy sex.

2 - Instead of drinking $1 drafts all night long, I am perfectly OK - actually ecstatic - to pay $6-$8 for a very tasty craft beer.  I usually have 2 or 3 but on a really good night I will shoot for 4!