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The Garage Door Situation

Ok.  So recently I bought a new car; a BMW actually.  I'm officially a snob.  I was very fancy before, but now i have the ride to prove it.  In truth, my daughter turns 17 in almost 16 years from now so I figured she would need a good reliable car. #Polish  Regardless, I'm broke and I'm beginning to realize that my blogging will not pay the bills in my near future.  So, making myself feel better, I, for once, tried to do something useful - set my "universal garage door opener" that came equipped in my beautiful new ride.  An easy I thought.

Creamer Challenge Accepted

At a recent breakfast with a good buddy of mine, Anthony aka "Fran", there was a dilemma:   Fran was out of creamer for his coffee.  Now, usually this would be a simple task of asking the waitress for some more creamer, but what fun would that be.  

We noticed the table next to us had creamers on it and occupying this table were an adorable elderly couple talking about elderly stuff.  So, I gave Fran a challenge:
Get a creamer from the next door table without anybody seeing you. 
Sounds simple?  Let's see how he did.

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