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PowerBall 500 million jackpot and your chances of winning

Right now as i type this there is a half billion lottery reading in progress . yes 500 million for those incapable of realizing what half billion dollars is.  So of course i bought a ticket.. 20 to be exact.  Why not?  What's not to lose.  Sure the odds are against you but by how much.  Well, i came up with a little analogy / story to help you realize just how much the odds are against you.

2012 - My Annual Thankful List

Its that time again. Thanksgiving.  A time to be thankful for so many things.  For one.. we should all be thankful for the Pilgrims coming to good ol America to escape their boring taxed lives and in England and search for religious freedom, meeting the Indians, sharing a dinner with them and then skinning them and their children and the rest of their well being before taking over all of once again be overly taxed.. booooooo.  Well done boys..well done.