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5 things i learned from the Presidential debate

For anybody who is not political, like myself, here is what i learned from last nights debates:

  1. Jeremy,  the stuttering college student who looked like Jim from American Pie, asking about his future was more nervous than a ceiling fan owner with a comb-over. Is he now our new Joe the Plumber.. YUCK!  This poor schlup just couldn't get it together.    Way to be the voice for all upcoming college grads. 

  2. Candy Crowley totally looks like every Candy i have ever met; the opposite of what her name implies and moreso of what her diet consists of.  

  3. Who picked these out-of-date 70s looking people to ask questions?  I felt like i was watching the Ford-Carter debate from 1976.  They couldn't give these people a better wardrobe!! This also includes the candidates.  Good gravy... those suits were too long and baggy in areas they shouldn't be.  Booo. 

  4. If you want to confuse both candidates in the future, then have a woman named Loraine to ask questions.  These 2 buffoons just couldn't get her name right!  Laura?  Lorraina?  Laurie?  Oh and she totally addressed Mitt as President.. fortune teller?  Oops

  5. Long Island accents are quite possibly the worst sounding US accents. 

Who is the winner?  I've no clue.  But i will vote for Romney for the simple fact that he decided to rock a 4-in-hand tie knot instead of the always-dominating Windsor.  #Balls



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