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Breaking News: Frankenstorm is coming. Be prepared!

Frankenstorm is coming peeps.  You know what that means?  SHOP TILL YOU DROP!!!!!
Time to hit up the essentials:  16 2-liter bottles of soda (even though i dont drink soda), $40 worth of candles because the 10 or so i have in my house isn't enough, 50 cases of diapers (because my daughter will go through more diapers if the power goes out?), 2 extra dozen of eggs because the 2 dozen i already have may expire during the storm (even though the date says November 10th but you never know), 3 more gallons of milk just in case the tap water goes bad and the stove goes out so we can't boil water and there is nothing more to drink for 1 day (we will all have the shits but who cares..we have to survive!), a few extra boxes of tissues just in case one shall get sick during the 2 day storm, frozen dinners because if the power goes out we can at least eat these (but wait..this requires the microwave or an oven..hmmm), 3 more loaves of bread in case i get hungry for more sandwiches should …

5 things i learned from the Presidential debate

For anybody who is not political, like myself, here is what i learned from last nights debates:

A Very Strange Evening

We recently celebrated Bart Day.  It's our unofficial-official holiday that is very personal to my wife and I.  This year was even more special with the addition of our little 5 month old squirt Ava.  Not to bore everyone with the details of our day (i can write a HUGE blog about all the fun things we did) but we had an exciting and tiring day. For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook would be rolling their eyes because of my exuberant abundant status updates that proceeded us all day long on our travels. It was EPIC.

6 Things They Don't Teach You in the Baby Books

There are some things that you think you need to know about having a baby such as money, time consumption, how to change a diaper and crying.  The truth is this is the easy part.  You realize really quick that you simply adjust and all the things that you were so worried about become really not an issue at all.

However, there are some things that were not taught to me and made me say WTF very loudly many times!!

BREAKING NEWS: Justin Bieber throws up his milk and cookies on stage.

Teenage "heartthrob" Justin Bieber threw up his milk and cookies on stage on the first night of his world tour.  Perhaps some butterfly jitters?  Too much drinking?  Morning sickness?  You be the judge.  I warn you.. unless you want to throw up yourself from hearing this shite, skip to the 2:00 minute mark.  This is where the good stuff happens.

After watching the video you will see that Bieber is not only a phenomenal singer and entertainer but he is also a fantastic magician.  How so?  Well during and after he is throwing up, he seems to be still singing in perfect harmony.  Strange.  Perhaps Bieber got some Milli Vanilli advice.  

Not once, but twice he throws up on stage.  He blames it on the milk he had prior to the show.  Seriously?  Milk?  Does this kid no how to party or what??