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Better inspiration than the Olympics?

Its that time again. The olympics are here.  A time when dreams come true for thousands of athletes as they compete against the world's best for the chance of winning that medal for their country.   This is also a time where young kids sit in front of a television watching every second knowing that one day they too can be a part of this.  The olympics can be defined in 1 word; inspiration.  Ok. maybe 2; dedication. Ok.  Actually maybe 10; a lot of fucking work and time on your hands.

But there is something that is more inspiring than the olympics.  Something that doesnt require dedication or a lot of fucking time on your hands.

I'm talking about 60 something year old men kicking ass and shooting people up.  I'm talking about pumping yourself up with enough HGH and steroids to make Arnold from the 80s look small.  Yes folks.  I'm talking about a little movie called THE EXPENDABLES 2.

If this movie doesnt say INSPIRE then i dont know what does.

10 reasons why this movie is a better inspiration than the olympics

  1. With the help of drugs, its inspring to know that when i am in my 50s I can look like an olympian bodybuilder with abs of steel and still be able to get an erection!  All with the help of a good DR!!
  3. Arnold Schwarzenger (too lazy to look up the spelling) proved that one can become a GIANT movie star, become governor of the 5th biggest economy in the world, somehow get past a sex scandal and still become a GIANT movie star again. See kids.. crime DOES pay!

  4. Chuck Norris, who is in his 70s and the inspiration for millions to become 1 line jokesters with their "Chuck Norris facts", has a starring role. 

  5.  If this doesnt say inspiration then i dont know what does.  On the left is the Rambo of the 80s and on the right is the Rambo of today.  Amazing what drugs can do kids!!

  6. This movie has over 8 action stars of the 80s.  6 of them are considered "washed up".  And now here they are today clearly proven that age is just a number.  Ya see kids.  In the olympics when you turn 25 you are considered old but not in this movie!

  7. Screw hours and hours and hours of training of gymnastics and weight lifting.  The Expendables cast used nothing but the best HGH (human growth hormone) on the market.  And as for all the acrobatics they are doing?   They are just on wires flying around Crouching Tiger style.  See kids.. gymnastics is overrated. If Keanu Reeves can do it then so can you!

  8. There are more tattoos in this movie then the number of days Kim Kardashian's marriage lasted.  Tattoos are the bomb.. go get em!

  9. The good guys always win in these types of movies.  Not like in the Olympics when the commies win!

  10. Every single person in this movie seems to have some type of speech impediment and yet here they are making millions and kicking ass.  Some dude tries to run in the olympics with a prosthetic leg and they give him shit!  F all that noise!

  11. Since this will come to DVD before we know it, you will be able to skip to the parts of the movie you want to see.  Unlike the olympics, where you have to wait to watch what NBC wants to show you.  #NBCFail


* I do not condone steroid use.  The implications of drug use was clearly for the purpose of entertainment.  I do not and never have used any type of steroid nor would i ever plan on doing so. I dont even have a tattoo :-(    - This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Adminstration.  


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