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Rental Car Rally 2012 - NYC to Montreal

Imagine getting some of your buds together and taking a road trip from let's say NYC to umm hmm Montreal.  Ok.  Now let's say one of your crazy friends says 'Hey let's go as Braveheart characters..just cause".  Sure!  Why not!  Why stop there.  Let's dress the car up in fancy tartan (it's plaid..are you stupid!) and paint Haggis and Shite that looks like dripping blood on the sides of our door.  But wait.. i don't want to do this to my own car soooooo ... let's rent a car instead??  AWESOME.. but wait... its a boooorrrrinnngggg  6hr drive to Montreal.  Since we are dressed up like idiots, let's make it even more fun and go find some wacky roadside attractions on the way!  OK - says the car full of costumed idiots.. 

.... is probably how the conversation started from the Rental Car Rally creators some years back.  This weekend i got to participate for the first time and i must say it truly was a blast.  

Better inspiration than the Olympics?

Its that time again. The olympics are here.  A time when dreams come true for thousands of athletes as they compete against the world's best for the chance of winning that medal for their country.   This is also a time where young kids sit in front of a television watching every second knowing that one day they too can be a part of this.  The olympics can be defined in 1 word; inspiration.  Ok. maybe 2; dedication. Ok.  Actually maybe 10; a lot of fucking work and time on your hands.

But there is something that is more inspiring than the olympics.  Something that doesnt require dedication or a lot of fucking time on your hands.