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Made in China

We recently have been entertaining our precious angel Ava by strapping objects from her car seat handle so they hang in front of her.  This is more or less just a tactic to get our daughter to stop crying and be entertained for a little while.  It worked.  The fun little toys that we hung in her car seat certainly did the trick as she stared at them intently as if they were some live creature from a land far away aka China.  It didnt take too long until i noticed something.  Actually I noticed it immediately when i saw it.  When i said to my wife the obvious she said "No way" and laughed it off.  Me, on the other hand, was petrified of what our little Ava was being "seduced" by.

Ladies and gentlemen, i give you the "fun little toy" that was entertaining Ava for the last month.  You be the judge of what you think this looks like.  For PG 13 reasons i will not state the obvious.  Oh and if it cant get any worse...they come in pairs. I only took a pic of the one.

At least it doesnt have 1 eye  ;-)

Hey .. at least its pink!

hahaha... im holding it by its ..uh huh huh (Butthead voice)

So what do you think it looks like?  Perverts.  Regardless... after my 13 yr old BAMF (bad ass mofo) nephew stated the obvious to me, I said that it was time we give ol' pinky a break from my daughter's innocent eyes.

In case you are wondering, it IS made in China! This is the way they will take us over.  By getting into our little girls heads filling it with snuff!  Dam you commies!!!

This pink object looks like it needs to be on the cover of the infamous The Little Mermaid cover.  YIKES STRIPES FRUIT STRIPE GUM!!!  Having a little girl is going to be VERY difficult!!


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