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Trailer to the first movie in the new The Ava Rose Saga: Ava Rose - The Infant

A first look at the most anticipated movie of the year and the first in the trilogy...

The Ava Rose Saga:  Ava Rose - The Infant

Just one of those mornings..

I'm sure everyone has had one of "those mornings" well i got you beat.  Probably not but its a funny story.  Not funny at the time but funny now...i think..

Lately our 11 week daughter Ava has been sleeping through the night.  For those who are parents will know that this is the greatest thing since the creation of to happen.  Having your baby sleep is like winning the lottery.  Well, for my wife it is.  She lets me sleep and takes the night shift as i get my zzzz's.  This is temporary, however, until she goes back to work after Labor Day and then im on nightly baby duties every other day.  Regardless, when Ava gets sleep, my wife gets sleep which, in turn, makes me very happy.  So, needless to say, i woke up in a rather good mood.  

Made in China

We recently have been entertaining our precious angel Ava by strapping objects from her car seat handle so they hang in front of her.  This is more or less just a tactic to get our daughter to stop crying and be entertained for a little while.  It worked.  The fun little toys that we hung in her car seat certainly did the trick as she stared at them intently as if they were some live creature from a land far away aka China.  It didnt take too long until i noticed something.  Actually I noticed it immediately when i saw it.  When i said to my wife the obvious she said "No way" and laughed it off.  Me, on the other hand, was petrified of what our little Ava was being "seduced" by.

Did I get punk'd? My Craigslist Experience

A couple weeks ago I had the grand opportunity to experience either the greatest prank ever designed on me or a major type o.  Regardless, for 6 hours I was technically overwhelmed..

Here is how it went down...

I'm at work and I receive a phone call on my cell at approximately 1:49 PM. It's a Hackensack number and I'm unsure of it but i decide to answer anyway. 

"Hello", I say expecting a "This is Honda calling from Hackensack inviting you to our 3 day sales event" pitch, but instead i get a "Hi, is this Joe?" in a grisly manly voice.