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Should I Accept My Mother's Facebook Friend Request?

The unthinkable happened....

Arlene Scannelli is my mother  (I changed my last name to Bartosiewicz because i thought it sounded cooler.) and as you can see the inevitable happened.  She friend requested me.  As i stated in my end-of-the-world-blog it was only a matter of time until Momma Scannelli joined Facebook.  

I was the one who gave her access to the world and introduced her to the 21st century by giving her my old computer.  Before then I believe my Mom still thought that plane tickets were purchased via the rotary dial phone.  

A few of my family members have already fallen victim to the "friend request" of good ol they should.  My mother is a sweet lady who thinks she is living the life of a 16yr old with her OMG and LMFAO text message replies.  Regardless, she means well.. i think. 

Here is an example of what happens when you accept my mother's friend request:

My cousin JLew updates his status with the following (who is extremely handsome and single for all you single or married women out there!):

I drew a circle around the corner for a reason.  That is the number of people who have shared this status update.  The only people i would imagine that would want or need to share this status update is for people who are very close with my cousin which my Mom is not one of them.. well..i dont think she would want to see his softball game nor would any of my Mom's "friends". 

Yes.. my mom not only shared his status but then also liked it as well..  SIGHHH.. You see people this is why my mother should not be on Facebook. 

Facebook by definition is:

which basically equates to stalking people that you havent seen in years and using it as a valuable tool to get people to your blog ;-).. not to talk to your mom.    NOTE:  the 4th definition example:  Does your mom Facebook?  Exactly

Mother is defined as:
which basically means she is my Mom and should not be on Facebook. 

If and when i accept her request i will begin seeing posts like this:

  • LOLLOL.. My boyz r sooo cute

  • American Idol ROX!

  • My grandaughter is sooooooo cute xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox.  Luvin her

  • LMFAO..did u c 2.5 men last night!  LOLLL!!

  • Out with my homegirlz partying up!!

or the unthinkable...

  • Jest wok up @ some strangerzzz house.. whut a NITE!!!!

I dont need this! 

Or.. have your wall feed filled with this:

You get the point. 


What should i do?  Should i accept my mother's friend request or not??  


  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Stop being disrespectful and accept your mothers request. It takes a total of 14 seconds to hide her news stories from your wall and it will make her feel better.

  2. My mother actually de-friended one of my brothers since he pissed her off online so much. So you always accept and go that route.

  3. listen to the anonymous person that was really nice

  4. Yeah Steve. Looks like someone got a case of the Mondays


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