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Should I Accept My Mother's Facebook Friend Request?

The unthinkable happened....

Arlene Scannelli is my mother  (I changed my last name to Bartosiewicz because i thought it sounded cooler.) and as you can see the inevitable happened.  She friend requested me.  As i stated in my end-of-the-world-blog it was only a matter of time until Momma Scannelli joined Facebook.  

Bad Parenting 101 - a Blog by Ava Bart

Sup yall.  This is Ava Bart.  I hacked into Dad's blogger and Facebook to give you an idea of how Mommy and Daddy are doing as parents.  I have to hurry because Dad is going to notice his MacBook missing and as far as they know I'm not supposed to be doing anything but laying, crying, and sleeping...

Just a little summary of what i have been going through for the last 6 weeks with my new "parents". 

This baby thing is awesome.  The parents totally think that because i am only 6 weeks old that i cant walk and talk.  Think again!  I'm blogging for christs sakes!  There is nothing better than getting pampered 24/7.  All you got to do is cry and they come running to your rescue. The best part is seeing what they try to do to get me to stop crying. I emailed a couple of my friends i met at the maternity ward and they

Breaking News - Colic Calm is the new drug for infants

There is a new drug on the street for infants and its called Colic Calm Gripe Water.  Some may know it as simply Gripe or Black Drank, due to its black dark color, but it is slowly taking over America.  

What is Colic Calm? 

Colic Calm is a Gripe Water which is a liquid intended to relieve gas or discomfort in babies.  There are many gripe waters and they all seem to have their own recipe but the brand Colic Calm seems to have the perfect mixture. 

Cabbage Patch T*ts

As the definition clearly implies, cabbage is a vegetable and should be eaten..not worn.  Worn?  Let's just say that this blog post may be crossing the boundaries of marital bliss.  In fact, i may be sleeping in the garage - since we dont have a dog house - after the woman in my life reads this.  However, when you have a good subject to write about there is nothing that can stop you!