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BREAKING NEWS: Nutley, NJ Mom puts 5yr old in tanning booth.

This just in.. actually yesterday but i was busy.. 

Nutley NJ, the place i reside,  makes headline news ... Thanks Patricia Krentcil!! This is AWESOME!!!! 

Nutley Mom puts 5yr old in tanning bed!   You cant make this stuff up folks..especially if you are from NJ.  Let this be a lesson to you youngstas:  Tanning bed and babies are a no-no!  

I don't know what's more disturbing; the kid in the tanning salon or this woman's face.  It looks like she is trying out for the Robert Downy Jr role in Tropic Thunder.  It looks like her face is going to scratch off.  

Good Lordy..if this doesn't get you to stop tanning then i dont know what will.  You know how they put those awful graphic images on cigarette packs.  They should just put her on tanning beds.  People will certainly stop tanning.  

Id fucking quit smoking in a second if this could happen!!

Hopefully Snookie will learn from this and i dont mean about the kids and the tanning bed thing. I mean her in particular.  Take a look at this woman!  It's frightening.  Snookie..its only a matter of time doll.  Use some aloe before its too late! 

Another reason for the rest of the country to make fun of NJ.  Thanks Housewives of NJ, Jersey Shore, Chris Christie (not him but his weight), our ex ex gay Governor (not that theres anything wrong with that), our ex Governor getting into an accident and almost dying for not wearing his seatbelt and then getting caught up in a ponzi like scheme, NJ Guidos, guys taking their shirts off when going to clubs, and many many more.  Its times like these that i feel the need to walk around with my head up and be a proud NJ-ian or ite or whatever the fuck it is.  Hey.. look at the bright side.. Tom Cruise and Bruce Willis were both from NJ!  YAYYYY


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