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Aint Nutting but a G Thang BABAAAY

My wife's 38th week of pregnancy is coming and very soon we will be getting a knock on our door from the stork with a little bundle of joy. "Oh how i wish this is how it was" is definetly what my wife is saying reading this now.  And so as we approach "D-Day" many things are beginning to go through my mind.  

Will i be a great father?  How many times a day do we need to feed her?  Will she sleep through the night?  Can i have sex with my wife in front of the baby?  Is my life over?

These are all pretty much standard thoughts that one should have, i assume, before your world is turned upside down when becoming a parent.  But there is really 1 BIG question that i pose; 1 that i am VERY concerned about. My question is this:

Can i still listen to my rap music in the car with the baby?? 

For those who know me, they will know that i listen to 4 things.  Rap, Opie and Anthony, the 80s and The Beatles..and occasionally Fox News (dont hate).  2 out of the 4 would NOT be recommded by the American Dental Association.   ESPECIALLY with a child in the car.  So what am i to do?  Every other word out of rap music is the N word and the last thing that i want is my daughter to have the N word being her first word OR her last.  Opie and Anthony talk about sex and mayhem and use filthy language in their broadcast.  Is this acceptable for a newborn??  Am i now stuck listening to ABC 123 songs sung by Dora the Explorer and friends in Spanish. I hate being a parent already.  :-((

OH MY.. the things us parents have to do to for our kids. Its moments like these that i appreciate the "struggle" my parents had to go through.  I'm sure they faced the same dilemmas.. Give up listening to the Who because they say the F word in a couple songs and resort to Billy Joel.  Sigghhhhhh.. 

Will my daughter turn into the white version of this because of me?? 

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  1. Anonymous12:54 PM

    LOL you need head phones!

    1. hahaha.. well i got my Beats by Dre.. i can pull that off.. although i wont be able to hear my baby.. Maybe thats a good thing


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