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Tebow is coming.. and what this means for the Tri-State area

Tim Tebow is now a Jet.  Here is what the tri-state area should expect in the next year.

  • Timsanity, TimSpiration, Tim Effort, are just some of the stupid sayings we will hear nonstop on a daily basis.  This will spark a major battle between Linsanity fans and now Timsanity fans. 
  • Timsanity will TimSpire the Occupy Wall Street crew to change their name to Occupy Church and take it to the churches. 

  • Denver religious fans will start a religious war with NYC over their savior claiming him first.  It will be written about in the book Tebow, which will replace the Bible in about 100 years. 
  • MetLife stadium will be renamed to simply Heaven.

  • Medical establishments will be more busier as older people will be attempting to "Tebow" causing knee injuries.  Drunken Jets fans will fall to their deaths from "Tebowing" after 78 beers. 
  • The Jets will officially change their name to the NY Confused after this Tebow trade.
  • Al Sharpton will start a racial media event when Tebow doesn't pass to black receivers but instead runs with the ball. 

  • Tim Tebow will replace Chuck Norris with stupid jokes such as: 
    • When the bogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks the closet for Tim Tebow. 
    • The active ingredient in Red Bull is Tim Tebow's sweat. 
    • The NFL will rename the "2 minute warning" to "Tebow Time".
    • Santa Claus used to wonder if Tim Tebow was real. 
    • The NFL is not challenging enough, thats why Tim Tebow waits until the end of the 4th quarter to start playing. 
  • MetLife Stadium aka Heaven will begin selling Tebow and Tebow Light to non-drinkers

  • Tebow's birthday will become a religious holiday. 
My DrawSometing of "Tebowing".  looks like i have to update the uniform!

That's all i got for now.. More to come later.. 


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