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A night out with the Barts

Last night my wife and i had our "date" night. We went to queen Marguerita which is not too far from our house. Had a lovely meal. I had the fish. She had the pasta. Ava had mommys leftovers. We then had some coffee. I had an espresso and she had a cappuccino..yes she had caffeine relax people. After dinner i had this grand idea to go on a field trip to somewhere that i have always wanted to go to....

The Shoprite in Little Falls, off of 46 next to Passaic Valley high school!!!. I know what your thinking and i know it is true. I AM MR ROMANCE!!!

This has to be the mother of all Shoprites. I see this thing everyday from rt 46 on my drive hone from work and i always think to myself how great it would be to check it out. Well, i can say this, it definitely lived up to it's expectations. From the produce section to the deli, it is vast, beautiful and wonderful. It should have its own zip code its so big. I highly recommend that every man take their girlfriend, fiancé, wife or just friend to this ShopRite. Magic happens will see. It is truly a hidden treasure. My wife and i walked up and down each alley like a kid experiencing Willy Wonkas chocolate factory. Of course we didn't get sucked into a chocolate tube or turn into blueberries but you get it. My little Ava Bart certainly has a very very fun future to look forward to


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My Justin Timberlake Experience .. and my shameful beer snob status

I have seen some great legends live in concert over the years.  Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, One Direction - to name a few.  But one in particular - Mr Justin Timberlake aka Justin Bart or JB as he goes by - was one for the ages. 

I got to enjoy this spectacular human with my beard wife Rose last night at the Prudential Center, in the city of dreams, Newark NJ.

The Christmas Glitter Bomb

Its that time of year again.  A time when people and family members that you haven't talked to, well, since last Christmas, reach out with open arms and send you their annual Christmas card.  We took part this year as we now have a newborn.  We both felt obliged to show off our little one to everyone on our wedding list and beyond.  It felt nice.  It's more of a hey-look-how-cute-our-kid-is behind a Merry Christmas message.  Regardless, our card was a simple photo that did NOT have a surprise waiting as you opened up the envelope. A surprise that jumps out at you and says "SURPRISEEEEEE!!!oh and merry christmas"  I'm talking about the glitter bomb.  You all know who you are.  

The Perineal Massage..

My wife is approaching her 37th week of pregnancy.  Apparently, in your 37th week you are supposed to begin massaging your perineum.  "What's a perineum", you asked as so did i?  The perineum is basically the taint.  "Ahhhh.. ok.  I get it.  But massage it??", is what i asked.  Yes, massaging it helps with the pain when the baby crowns during childbirth.  "So just rub it or sumthin?" (in Chip Chipperson voice .. Opie and Anthony fans anyone??)  Not quite.. 
Here are the instructions on how to successfully massage your perineum: