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A Father-to-Be Perspective Pt1 - The 3 Main Questions...

Most people wait at least 3 months to tell the world they are pregnant.  We waited 2 days. I am not happy about this but that it is just how it happend.  When my wife told me the wonderful news on Monday, Sept 12, we thought about how long we would wait.  1 month, 2, the standard 3.  Well, we waited literally 27 hours to tell her parents.  Then, of course, at her parents house, her mom insisted that we call her brother. So we did. Then we HAAAD to call her Grandmother who just so happened and convienently be at her aunt's house with some other aunt and uncles as well.  So when we left the house that night, almost half of her family already knew the news. Quite honestly, i believe her whole family knew by the time we walked to the car and got in it.  I waited till the weekend to tell my parents.  Unlike Rose's family, mine didnt say a word.  I think they forgot all about it when we left.  We had all of our close friends over 2 weeks later and BOOM all of our family and friends …

BREAKING NEWS: Alicia Silverstone chews food for baby!!

Alicia Silverstone, the fun-loving, clueless, attractive blond from the movies of yesteryear and Aerosmith videos, has a new video out. No, its not her dancing around in her underwear, as we hoped, like in her Aerosmith years.  Instead, the proud-to-be-vegan, posted a video of herself feeding her child.  Awwwww, you may think.  However, after watching the video you will say out loud WHAT THE FUCK!!?

Apparently, Alicia feeds her son Bear Blu ( I will add this to my collection on my celebrity baby name blog post ) by pre-chewing his food for him.  Then, spitting in his mouth for him to eat.  Yes, you read that correctly.  She eats her food, chews it really good, then spits it in his mouth.  I can't make this shit up.  She says (regarding the video):

The Movie Theater Experience

Last night my wife and i got the opportunity to see The Hunger Games. It was a fantastic movie.  But this is not a Hunger Games review.  No.  Instead, this is a review, or a vent i should say, on the movie theater experience in general and how people suck. 

Let me start by saying that i am a HUGE movie buff. I worked at a video store, West Coast Video, for many years when i was younger.  I actually met my wife there..but thats a later blog.  Working at the store i had access to thousands and thousands of movies.  I fell in love with the simplicity of being able to step away from your life for 2 hours and entering a completely new world offered in front of you on the big screen.  I enjoy watching a movie in the theatres and i hope that it will forever be this way.  However, bad things seem to come along with good things and this is some of them. 

The Baby Shower and The Butterfly Effect

Today was our baby shower.  Actually it was my wife's shower for our baby.  That's how i should state it.  Saying "our" shower is a misunderstanding.  The only thing that i was needed for was to drop Rose off at the restaurant, then go back a few hours later to pick all the gifts up, load the car and bring them back to the house.   I think i did the same for our wedding shower.  So yes, maybe "our" shower is the correct way to say it.  Rose was showered with love and gifts and i was showered with sweat and drizzling rain.  Yay me..

Tebow is coming.. and what this means for the Tri-State area

Tim Tebow is now a Jet.  Here is what the tri-state area should expect in the next year.

Timsanity, TimSpiration, Tim Effort, are just some of the stupid sayings we will hear nonstop on a daily basis.  This will spark a major battle between Linsanity fans and now Timsanity fans. Timsanity will TimSpire the Occupy Wall Street crew to change their name to Occupy Church and take it to the churches.

My mom + Facebook = The Apocalypse

As you all know by now, the world will be ending this year at December 21, 2012.  This, of course, is because the Mayan calendar ends at this date.  Therefore, it has to be true.  When this does happen, because it will, alien scholars will look back thousands of years later to try to determine the end of the human species.  I believe, I have already found this reason and it is because of me. I am to blame for what is to happen and i will explain why...

Let's start at the beginning... 

Our Infant Care Class Experience

I'm sure you have heard of the saying "babies dont come with instructions".  Well, I can certainly say that this is no longer true as we received our packet on how to raise our baby after attending a 3hr how-to class at the hospital Rose works at.  Apparently, all it takes is 3 hours to learn how to change a babies diapers, stop it from crying, bathe and cleanse, when and how to feed and of course how to hold a baby.  With the knowledge we have obtained today, I think it is safe to say that we should be able to run a daycare center if necessary.  By all means, that is a HUGE joke!

The class was nice.  It was definitely intuitive and it made us aware of things we didn't know, such as, my wife needs to use a booster seat when we are in the car and babies have a suck reflex that requires them to try to suck anything you put by their mouth.  Apparently, kids have to be in booster seats up until they are 4 foot 9.  For personal and marriage commitment reasons, i will not s…

My morning Starbucks experience...

As i sip my Starbucks coffee this morning, i think about my recent Starbucks "smug" encounter and so i decided to write about it.

Today is Friday; bagel day at work.  It is my turn to get bagels.. booo.  So I decide to be a nice co-worker and pick up a fresh box of Starbucks coffee as a nice gesture.  I was in a fantastic mood.  It's drizzling out which means the humidity is high which also means that my sinuses are bothering me.  The roads are wet.  Their was traffic on my way in. I was overcharged for my bagels.  Did i mention its drizzling out?  Of course, i am NOT in a fantastic mood.  As i enter Starbucks, I think Ahh, i havent had coffee in awhile (im a green tea drinker. dont judge).  What a great treat., having no idea what i was about to go through.

I walk in.  Ahead of me i see 2 young men; perhaps late 20's, mid 30s.  I say "young" because, Im 33 and consider myself young.  They are both wearing that face that clearly shows that the universe would …

My experience at my wife's very first INTERNAL ultrasound!!!

"I'm pregnant".  These 2 simple words put together can mean many different things to many different people.  I, for one, was estatic.  Wait, estatic?  Ok, maybe that is not the correct word.  Surprised?  Yes. Excited?  Yes.  Scared shit? Yes.  It wasnt like we were planning it, as we drove the "we-are-not-being-careful" car for awhile.  What was i to think?  Eventually one of my little space cadets would find its way "home".  So hearing these 2 simple words for the first time being directed at me was a shock.  Immediately, in my head I heard tiny little Danny Barts saying "Will i be a good father?", "Do we have enough room in this house?", "How will this change us?", "Will this child be bad ass like me?", "Did I leave the iron on?".  Ok, that last one was not going on in my head.  At least not at that moment.  I hugged my crying wife, still shocked and made my way upstairs to find; not 1, not 2, but 3 …

My recent Dr visit..

Just recently i had the grand opportunity to get my annual physical.  Annual?  Should be more like every 6 years as this is the last time i have been to the doctors.  Having 0 insurance prior to marriage (im an independent consultant.. yes i am fancy), i am now on my wife's which allows me to only use Dr's that are in the hospital network in which she works at.  I decided that, with the baby coming, it would be a good idea to get a physical to make sure that im in bad ass shape for my precious gift.  I pick a Dr, make an appointment, arrive at the place, fill out 17 pages of paperwork and here we go.. 

A night out with the Barts

Last night my wife and i had our "date" night. We went to queen Marguerita which is not too far from our house. Had a lovely meal. I had the fish. She had the pasta. Ava had mommys leftovers. We then had some coffee. I had an espresso and she had a cappuccino..yes she had caffeine relax people. After dinner i had this grand idea to go on a field trip to somewhere that i have always wanted to go to....

The Shoprite in Little Falls, off of 46 next to Passaic Valley high school!!!. I know what your thinking and i know it is true. I AM MR ROMANCE!!!