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NY GIANTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL!!!! - im white girl wasted

Ok so here i bed..wasted.. blogging..about the giants winning superbowl 46.  And they werent supposed to.  In fact they werent even supposed to make the playoffs but they did and they won. And they won again. And again and again. And now the GREATEST again you can imagine..the superbowl against the mothafuking new england patriots just like 2007.

It is like a mirror of 2007. The differnence of course is that the Giants were nowhere as good as they were in 2007.  In 2007 they were 10-6.  This year 9-7.  They made it as a wildcard both years and like a kid in a candy store they let nobody stop them. Ok i have no idea what that means but both years they made it to the superbowl when they werent supposed to.  And both years they played against the patriots..and both years they beat them. Crazy.
Maybe the play that won the game?

So here i am..drunk after indulging in a huge mix of expensive scotch, beer and true blood shots.. yes true blood shots.  I am watching the replays over and over again on sports center still cant believing they won. My pregnant wife is wasted also but wasted in exhaustiveness.  It was a loooooong day of prepping and preparing food.  And of course yelling and screaming for the giants. There was a whole quarter..especially the 4th where we had the whole Bart Cave yelling DE-FENSE DE-FENSE. It was a great time.

This win means a lot to me.  4 years ago my wife and i were married and bought a house. The same year the Giants beat the undefeated Pats in the SuperBowl. Unbelievable. This year we are expecting our first child. Deja-vu. Giants arent supposed to make the playoffs and do. They win every game to make the superbowl and win. Crazy.

Eli Manning completely won them the superbowl this year. There was a time in the season when nobody expecting them to win anything.  But during these games Eli stepped up and tried and tried and tried and put up tremendous numbers this season.  So as much as i would like to bash him with his stupid faces and his stupid comments, Eli was a true performer this year. My hat goes off to him. He was better than Brady this year in my opinion because the team he had to work with was in no where comparison to Bradys team and the Giants won. Congrats!!!  im going to sleep!


  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Eli was the 'lil engine that could this year.

  2. Anonymous7:40 AM

    I know you were drunk, as was I, but they didn't make the Wild card this year, they beat the Cowgirls and won the division. GO GIANTS!!!

    Darrell G.

    1. im embarrassed by everything on here. The type-os. The grammer. The bad facts. Booooooo me


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