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Grammies or the Walking Dead??

Did anybody else get the feeling they were watching the premiere of the Walking Dead last night?  I mean I believe i was watching the Grammies but there was just sooo much old people singing or trying to sing that i actually forgot at one point what i was watching.
Seriously..cant they just let this one go!  How much money do you need!?

The Beach Boys reunion was a flop. I was soo excited cause i am such a huge fan but I think i forgot just how old they really are.. Good Lord.  It wasnt good.. no..not at all.  Adam Levine and some other dude (forgive me but i really only listen to rap so i am not keen on new rock artists. EDIT - just looked it up.. Foster the People.. got it) had to come in and try to save the day but they failed miserably too. Sounded like a bunch of cats screaming in an alleyway.. it was not good.

With all the mentioning of Whitney Houston and her passing i felt that Nikki Minaj felt the need to show off her new found love for Necromancy and try to raise the dead and bring Whitney back to life to perform one last time at the Grammies.  There was women dressed in drapes.  A young priest and an old priest.  There was a spiderwoman Nikki who can climb walls.  There was some kind of seance with them, i think, trying to sacrifice Nikki's body or some shit.  Regardless, it got weird.. really weird.  I wasnt sure if i wanted to crawl up into a little ball and scream Mommy or go straight to Church and confess my sins.  I am just glad that it is over and nobody was harmed in the making. I am also glad that Whitney did not rise from the rafters and start singing Saving All My Love for You! I am sure if Kanye West was there he would have interrupted somebody and shouted that Beyonce has a much much better voice than Whitney.

Here are some awards last night that were not mentioned:

Best LipSync showdown - Chris Brown

Best Thriller-Recreation - Paul McCartney's final guitar solo
Night of the living dead?

Best Oops moment - When that country dudes microphone stopped working while singing with Kelly Clarkson

Best GooseBump moment - Adele singing Rolling in the Deep

Best WTF moment - Jennifer Hudson killing it (no pun intended)

Worst pitch - Chris Martin.. seriously this guy just cant sing that great live

Most Awkard Moment - goes to Mario Mannigham and Victor Cruz and some other girl in teh middle who was petrified

Most need of Vaseline - Host LL Cool J.  The guy doesnt stop licking his lips. Its kinda creepy. And seriously you are like 40.. cant you just go as James Smith now.

Best LRH (laughing real hard.. come on people) moment - Lady Gaga wears a fish net only to not win an award and sit look like a fool in the audience. For a funny montage of lady gaga please read it here ->

In effort to protect the Dolphins, Lady Gaga went full fishing net with her mock fishing pole in her hand!  Well done. 

Best Lady Gaga replacement - Move over Lady Gaga we have a new weirdo and her name is Roman Holiday aka Nikki Minaj
Nikki decided to keep it "hood" with her rendition of Little Red Riding "Hood"


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