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This should be the headline on every major newspaper and news source. The fact that somebody would stick their thing in that thing without protection is mind boggling.  Apparently that person is her boyfriend Jionni LaValle (by the way i had to google that name 14 times to spell it correctly).. OR   was it The Situation..{gasps}

The Snookster did too much smushing, and as a result kids, this is what happens.  She's doing a spinoff of her MTV Jersey Shore show at the moment but i believe they will instead do a spinoff of Teen Mom. Perhaps this will get young girls to not want to have sex anymore.

We found a pic of Snookie without makeup and her pregnant belly..

Here is some possible Snookie future baby pics:

Baby Snookie will totally be on steroids at the tender age of 14 months
Situation's baby???  We shall see!

Baby Snooks will totally have the BEST mother for a role model!  Dont you agree???
Some of her thoughts on life that she will certainly pass on to her baby..

NEVER wear white shoes after Labor Day 

NEVER eat before you drink

ALWAYS brush before you Smush

Underwear is for Vegans. 

ALWAYS suck until it gets shriveled and wrinkly!
These are certainly rules that i will pass on to my little Ava as well.

 Good luck Snookie.. we wish you the best!!!


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