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Ava Bart Challenge (ABC) - Challenge Accepted

Ava Bart Challenge aka ABC is in full effect. My first week of no alcohol until my daughter is born in May. Let me first by saying i am in no means an alcholic. In fact i maybe have a couple beers and some scotch on teh weekends during football. But now that football is over i dont see any issues doing this.

However, I have my first challenge coming up this weekend..

Tonight we got my buddy Lawrence Martin's bday.  Just a small get together at a bar near his house called  Morris Tap and Grill.  Now.. from what i have heard this place has over 30 beers on tap.. of course it does.  I LOVE  a good beer. So this will be my first major challenge.  In the words of Barney Stinson.. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

Why i am doing this??  Well.. for one i work hard to look and feel good.  Im sure many of you know by my annoying posts on facebook and my constantly talking about it but i am a KrankaHolic.  I workout at my boy Pete Isip's place called Krank.  After getting back from Germany and drinking my face off and eating terrible i figure why not give myself a little challenge. My wife cant drink so shit why not.  Now back to Krank.. i get back from Germany already with the ABC in my mind and my first day back at Krank I hear they are doing a fat loss challenge.  Perfect.. i join a team and now here we go!  The best part of this is that it is 3 months. Perfect. Same time as my ABC.  Music to my ears.  The team that loses the most body fat percentage gets a t-shirt or some shit.. i dont know but for me its just pride motha fucka!  I want to be shredded .. tired of trying to "bulk".  Its stupid and soooo Jersey to be all big.  Fuck that. Im 33 .. im not getting younger.  Also.. the Krank fat loss challenge is just that.. fat loss. Not weight loss.  One can certainly put weigh on while losing body fat. Its called lean muscle mass.  So this summer my goal is to be a RIPPED DILF!!!!  Let the clean eating begin!!

Present Danny

May Danny


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