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This should be the headline on every major newspaper and news source. The fact that somebody would stick their thing in that thing without protection is mind boggling.  Apparently that person is her boyfriend Jionni LaValle (by the way i had to google that name 14 times to spell it correctly).. OR   was it The Situation..{gasps}

The Snookster did too much smushing, and as a result kids, this is what happens.  She's doing a spinoff of her MTV Jersey Shore show at the moment but i believe they will instead do a spinoff of Teen Mom. Perhaps this will get young girls to not want to have sex anymore.

We found a pic of Snookie without makeup and her pregnant belly..

TV posts on new website

Hey guys.. if you are looking for my fantastic tv posts they are on a new site.  All my tv posts will be on here from now on.  OR... you can click on that little button above that says TV. That will take you straight there. hollaaaa

Please feel free to take a look around and let me know what you think. I have included a new way to follow by email where you will recieve an email everytime i post something.

Spread the love peoples.

Grammies or the Walking Dead??

Did anybody else get the feeling they were watching the premiere of the Walking Dead last night?  I mean I believe i was watching the Grammies but there was just sooo much old people singing or trying to sing that i actually forgot at one point what i was watching.

Ava Bart Challenge (ABC) - Challenge Accepted

Ava Bart Challenge aka ABC is in full effect. My first week of no alcohol until my daughter is born in May. Let me first by saying i am in no means an alcholic. In fact i maybe have a couple beers and some scotch on teh weekends during football. But now that football is over i dont see any issues doing this.

However, I have my first challenge coming up this weekend..

Tonight we got my buddy Lawrence Martin's bday.  Just a small get together at a bar near his house called  Morris Tap and Grill.  Now.. from what i have heard this place has over 30 beers on tap.. of course it does.  I LOVE  a good beer. So this will be my first major challenge.  In the words of Barney Stinson.. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

Why i am doing this??  Well.. for one i work hard to look and feel good.  Im sure many of you know by my annoying posts on facebook and my constantly talking about it but i am a KrankaHolic.  I workout at my boy Pete Isip's place called Kra…

NY GIANTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL!!!! - im white girl wasted

Ok so here i bed..wasted.. blogging..about the giants winning superbowl 46.  And they werent supposed to.  In fact they werent even supposed to make the playoffs but they did and they won. And they won again. And again and again. And now the GREATEST again you can imagine..the superbowl against the mothafuking new england patriots just like 2007.

It is like a mirror of 2007. The differnence of course is that the Giants were nowhere as good as they were in 2007.  In 2007 they were 10-6.  This year 9-7.  They made it as a wildcard both years and like a kid in a candy store they let nobody stop them. Ok i have no idea what that means but both years they made it to the superbowl when they werent supposed to.  And both years they played against the patriots..and both years they beat them. Crazy.

So here i am..drunk after indulging in a huge mix of expensive scotch, beer and true blood shots.. yes true blood shots.  I am watching the replays over and over again on sports center sti…