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Breaking news: Khloe Kardashian is not a Kardashian..but what is she??

It has just been reported that the youngest sibling of Kim Kardashian is really not her sister. It seems the ex of late Robert Kardashian is saying that before he died he told her that Khloe is not his bioligical daughter.  Hmm... is Khloe the only person who didnt know this?   I mean look at them:

She looks nothing like her hot sisters. In fact, she looks like she ate both of them!! There is nothing that
resembles Kim or Kourtney except her big mouth and annoying personality that makes her a reality star!  

If you look at the above picture it looks like something out of Highlights magazine - the 'What is wrong with this picture' section.  It looks like a bunch of middle easterns and some white girl. 

Oh poor Khloe.  And faster than her sister Kim's marriage she was all over twitter last night defending herself claiming she is in fact the daughter of Robert because she knows.. she remembers coming out of his penis and into her mother. sigghhhh

Here are some possible fathers for Khloe:

I can totally see the resemblance
Miss Piggy's father??


Phillip Seymour Hoffman???

My father Al Bart?????


You get the point... 


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