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X Factor finale

Last night was the final singoff of the last 3 contenders to become the winner of the X Factor and the 5 million dollar contract.  The show certainly didnt feel like a finale by any means.. more like a circus.  Each contestant sang 2 songs.  The first was a duet with a famous singer singing their hit song.  I didnt understand this one bit.  How can you put extreme talent against amateurs.  Sure it was a WOW moment for the contestants to be able to sing with a mega pop star but why do this for America to judge. How can you judge a person singing along with Alannis Morisette or R Kelly.. doesnt make sense.  (notice how i left Avril Lavigne out).

Round 1:
Josh sang Allanis Morisette's "Uninvited".  The begging was awful. He was pitchy and it just didnt fit his sound at all.  Then he introduced the bad ass Alannis and she crusdhed it.  They sang together.. it was awkward and Josh was noticably trembling. I'd be too.. Its Alannis!  He was completely over triumphed by Alannis in my opinion.
Josh is trying to find his way through the forest to catch up to Alannis's amazing voice. 

All the judges suprisingly loved it.. of course Simon was honest with teh pitchiness in the beginning
btw... Wtf was up with Nicole's hair. Ummmm

Steve, the host, gave another Bruno-Mars-esque performance with his "No alanis thank u!!!!!"  I swear that guy is such a tool box.

They panned to Josh's hometown Wooster Ohio and i call i can say is Wooster succkkss..

Chris Renee was up next. He sang Avril Lavigne "Complicated".  Boy what a bad song choice.  Who the fuck picked these songs!!  It was a terrible pairing. My wife stated "he would have been better with like jack Johnson". I agree.   Avril doesn't even sound good. Why is she singing with a British accent?  Wtf is up with the rap?  At this point i am not sure what America is supposed to be voting on... the pop singer they like the most.. or the 4 sentences that the contestant sang!
Ummm Bruno mars called and wants his hat back

Nicole was being honest but not sure about him shining at the end. I like the honesty. Paula basically said he sucked by saying "it's not about that it's about the energy" which totally means that was awful.  Simon loved it which makes me think that Chris is totally sucking Simons penis.  and of course la loved it. He stated "that could be a record"  Seriously?????  IT ALREADY WAS!!!!!

Chris's rehab peeps are FUCKED UP.. dammmm

Mel sang "I Believe I Can Fly" by R Kelly.  One of my faves. She did an amazing job before R Kelly came out but then he just totally trumped her. I was a HUGE fan of r Kelly until he got caught peeing on 10 yr olds. The duet however was fantastic.  R Kelly still rocks!

La's is a fucking idiot. He said "I expect more from u". Wtf. Your boy rapped a verse to an Avril Levine song and said it can be released tom as a single!

BTW.. Mel's church group rules!!  Makes me want to goto church!!

Round 1 - Mel clearly won this round. 

Btw r Kelly wants to p on her. Drip drip drop. P on her. She wants to p on her. (Chappelle Show..anybody??)
Then there was an in between filler, Michael Jackson the immoral world tour. Steve had another major moment announcing this.. Oh Steve. No u didn't. That was terrible btw. They should have payed more attention to the singing instead of the production cause I didnt care about them as the song implied. They were just standing there like 3 momos. Josh looked petrified. The best or worst part was Steve's "WOW that was crazy" goes in my top 10 of worst moments for him. Oh Steve.

Round 2: 

The contestants could choose any song they like.  They all sang the songs that they originally audtioned for.  Supposedly, after the show, Simon insisted that this was just chance.  It was their best songs so it may have been just chance that they picked it.. Regardless it was a good second round.

Josh sang our wedding song At Last with just a guitar and his voice. Wow. Goosebumps all over. The wife was tearing.. dam pregant hormoes. I thought it was fantastic. They didn't add in any extra instruments or anything else. Just him. His voice and his guitar. Phenomenal. Really felt a connection.

Wade for prez!! 
BTW.. Josh's boy Wade rules

Steve breaks up the moment with live twitter feeds.  Who the fuck cares what ppl are writing on twitter. Sing a fucking song!!

Chris Renee sang the song that "Young Homie whatcha tripping on". This is where he shines.  His original material is very good and could certainly sell recoreds.  This boy has crazy crazy swag.

It's like Chris was like lemonade or sumpin the way he was pouring himself on that song.  Oh Chip.  Chip Chipperson.. anybody? no?

Melanie sang,  I have no idea, but it was just incredible. Wow. As good as she sounded I couldn't help myself from looking away from her outfit. Looked like she was sitting on a sheep!!!  Who the hell dressed her.

What the??!!

Melanies church group fucking rocks!!!! Love sunrise fl. However, that white guy was a big fucking dork. Alright we get it. He wouldnt stop talking.  Shit. Steve had to do his "we have to move on" and for once I was actually happy about it. Fucking dam white people.

Round 2 - Melanie/Josh (i have to be biased with At Last)

I think after last nights performances it should goto either Melanie or Josh.. however.. i do feel that young American girls are crushing on Chris in a big way. I have a feeling that Chris may take the top prize.  I think it will be:

1. Chris
2. Josh
3. Melanie.

but my personal preference is:

1. Melanie (her final song was truly amazing and worth the contract)
2. Josh
3. Chris

btw.. what is up with Melanie's "accent" .  Didnt she have a huge weight lifted off her shoulder when she "revealed" her true self some weeks back and then got all boomba cloff buck buck on us with her carribean accent.  Did it go back in hiding like the Harmon's dog???

Let's see what happens tonight.  Peace.


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