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X Factor - and then there were you even care??

The X Factor has made it to the final 3 contestants who will vocally duke it out tomorrow night for America's vote for a 5 million dollar contract. But does anybody care or even watching at this point? The much hyped Simon Cowell presentation of his "American Idol" has done nothing in ratings.. a mere 10 million viewers.. sure sounds like a lot but this was hyped to be the biggest show on TV making investors very very looking forward to being a part of it. Boy did that backfire.. Instead the show is barely making the top 20.

What Steve really said to Rachel
Having watched 10+ seasons of American Idol the new show doesn't compare. Sure it looks similar as for the layout and premise but when it comes to the production value it is awful.  The show is way over-produced. The stage productions look bigger than some of Madonna's.  The product placement is just waaay over the top.  It seems like every scene there is a twitter reference, a pepsi reference or some other lame product reference that nobody cares about.  The bad production definitely left viewers scratching their heads and searching for the remote. As a result, the ratings dropped and the investors began to realize that the money they spent does not equal to the lack of customers reviewing their product via commercials.  This production shit does nothing to allow the viewers to feel a personal relationship with them. When you start to see a bond between the judges and the contestant the host is telling them to wrap it up.  Not good.  Speaking of the wooden boring host, it is just reported that he is being booted off the show at the end of the season.  I truly believe this is a good decision.  When he told Bruno Mars "No Bruno.  Thank YOU!!" i swear my wife and i laughed all night and replayed it back 14 times.  The only thing that Steve did great was to be a crying shoulder for seriously every person who ever sung on the show.
Maybe the greatest moment in TV history

It seems like the over-the-top production numbers and crazy music and sound effects is just a way to try to cover up the fact that the judges have no chemistry whatsoever.  Its memorable of Simon's last season of American Idol when they tried to throw Ellen Degeneros in the mix for a funny take on things.. but it did nothing but backfire. She was just another addition of being "nice" and not honest like Simon.  And then Simon left.. but that show continued with its ratings. Maybe it was crazy Steven Tyler or J-Lo's booty or Randy sitting in Simon's seat which is just hysterical but it still in a sense works.  This show does not.  Simon is still the show. He is honest and everybody really seems to care of what he has to say including the contestants.  When he says he likes something everybody goes crazy as does the singer.  When others do the same there is just not that same feeling.  LA Reid is a cool dude BUT i have to look away when he starts to dance to the music that his singer is singing.  Paula seems to be the same as she was in American Idol except she seems VERY sober which makes her not the same and not exciting.  Nicole just annoys to all hell.  Not because she couldnt make a decision on sending Marcus Canty home. In fact, i actually praise what she did in that situation.  But its just the way she presents herself. She seems so pompous and all about her.  I cant stand how 1 second she is all gangsta and then next she seems all sweet and innocent.  Ughhh..
What the shit?!

And now to the final 3.  You have 2 singers who can sing and one that is just entertaining with a few surprises.  I think the competition should really only be between Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajcik however, i feel that American tweens are really loving Chris Rennee and that he will surprisingly take home the prize.  Dont get me wrong at times Chris CAN sing.. however this is very rare.  The only time that i really felt him was when he sang his second original song and his songs last week. Other than that i really dont think he is that great of a singer.  He does have CRAZY swag though which could be a good thing.  Melanie is the diva of the show. She sings AMAZING.  During her rehearsals Simon sent her packing. I really truly believe that this was staged in some weird way. To keep that girl with the GINORMOUS lips (dont remember her name and too lazy to google) over Melanie is just very strange. Simon was OBSESSED with that girl.  Perhaps her big lips were used for good use.. im not sure. But she stayed over Melanie forcing Simon to change his format of his own show to goto Florida to get her and add an extra person to his team of protegees.  And then you have Josh, the burrito maker.  This guy has some voice.  I think its a tossup between him and Melanie.  Both of their sounds are not unique in anyway but they are definitely the best in the show.  Last week Josh sang Hallelujah and i swear i almost teared. He truly sings with emotion and feeling. It was fantastic.   Looking forward to see what they bring tomorrow night.  Going to be exciting.


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