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Top 2011 list - Bart style

Another year has gone and past. There were lots of great moments as well as embarrassing moments.  I have  made a little list of 2011 moments enjoy.. but first ya see that small button to the right -->  that says "Join this Site".  well click that and follow me already!!!  WTF??!!

Biggest fall from grace: - Charlie Sheen

Dude went from making 2 million a week to making nathan!  His media frenzy was a hit and it got him a million twitter followers in like less than a day. His Violent Torpedo of Truth "comedy" tour was a joke and so were his catchphrases like "tiger blood" and "winning".  The one thing that he proved is that winning means to fall from grace and land on your face.

Runner ups - Anthony Weiner, Jerry Sanduski, Joe Paterno

Most played out song - LMAO Party Rock Anthem, Pitbull/Ne-yo Give Me Everything Tonight (tie)

Everyday im shuffling.  Ok so this song was good for the first 100 times i heard it but then it was played on almost every radio station. You know a song is played out when your parents are singing it.. WTF!??  Pitbull was everywhere this year and you really can't go wrong with a Pitbull song.  The dude is good.  But this song was awesome.. And to be honest i will still leave it on when it is on the radio.. which is still is a lot.

Runner up - Adele Rolling in the Deep (this song was everywhere.. even the club version)

Most annoying celebrity who are famous for being famous..STILL - The Kardashians

How the fuck did this family get to where they are today. Their father helped OJ get acquitted. Then died not long after.. Karma?  Then Kim decided to make a sex tape with her then-boyfriend RJ and somehow or another she became famous.  Not long after the "reality" show came out and the entire family somehow became worldwide celebrities. Im still scratching my head.

Runner up - Lindsay Lohan and her drugs

Shortest Wedding - Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Oh the excitement when Kim announced that she was getting married.. Do you remember where you were when you heard the news??  With the royal wedding taking place in England, America needed to have their own royal wedding and somehow the Kardashians were it.  The wedding party, i believe, lasted longer than the actual wedding.  The shows to lead up to the wedding and all the "hype" lasted much longer than the 72 days they were married.  And supposedly it costs up to 10 million dollars.. what an embarrassment.

Runner up - Sinead O'Connor (actually much shorter than Kim's wedding but who the hell is Sinead O'Connor)

Worst Movie - The ZooKeeper / Jack and Jill (tie)

Ok.. so i will admit i did not see these movies and i never plan to but the trailer tells the story enough to make me never ever want to see these.  Kevin James went from hero in King of Queens to zero in his latest movies. The scenes with Kevin James and the ape at TGIF and in the car may be the lowest point in cinema this year.  My 12 year old nephew didn't even want to see this garbage.  Jack and Jill is an Adam Sandler movie.. enough said.

Runner up - it was a bad year in general for movies

Best Movie - Super 8

If you were to take Gonnies, ET and Close Encounters and combine these you would get Super 8.  I LOVED this movie.  I saw it 2 times.. haven't done that in a while and both in Imax.   The story itself is good but its the chemistry between the young actors that really really got me. Fantastic.

Runner up - Rise of the Planet of the Apes, MI4, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Biggest Surprise - My wife is pregnant

It happened the day before Hurricane Irene.. dam that Irene and what do you know.  This dude is gonna be a dad.  Future blog in the works.. stay tuned

Runner up - Sandusky raping little boys.. mother fucker piece of shit (no future blog in the works for this)

Most Annoying Facebooker - Yours truly

Thank you. Thank you. Its a honor. I would just like to thank the 500+ friends who have to put up with my un-funny facebook posts, my gay unmanly posts to my wife, my pleading to read my boring blogs, my constant Un Fun Fact of the Day posts and my constant bragging of my vacations.  However, the one thing that i do not do is post that i have a headache, or that my arm is hurting me, or that Rose has to work late and i don't have dinner, or my car broke down, or I got an A on my test, or my boss said that i was a super employee, or posting pics of myself with my shirt off.  You guys suck.

Runner up - Everybody who does what i don't do.. mentioned above. 

Happy New Year all.. may 2012 bring you love, peace and happiness...that was cheesy i know!


  1. Thank god I read this. I was just about to tell all the facebookers about the fact im working late. Plus this headache is killing me! It started after I fell and sprained my wrist!!!!!! Oh and i Agree totally on the super 8! Just wished it coulda been a more spectacular type of ending..... Happy New Bro!


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